1. atoms

    Question on "RPG MAKER VX ACE & XP HERO PACK".

    Hello, I think I understood right, that with this pack the "40 Hero characters" from "Characters from VX Ace:", (the SV Actors)? and Facesets are not allowed to be edited in any way? (It might correctly actually be just the Facesets?). Which would mean either #1 I am not allowed to set a...
  2. mystic0

    11 Reasons RPG Maker MV might not load from Steam

    I had been using RPG Maker MV on my desktop for years without issue. I recently got a new laptop and left on a long term trip, so I didn't get enough time to really check on compatibilities before I left. The last few days I've been trying to get RPG Maker to load from Steam. The splash page...
  3. Can't line up tilesets like in the dlc pic. (solved)

    I'm a beginner at Rpg maker. I got VX Ace and I'm making a kitchen. If we compare my image with the one shown in the dlc presentation you'll see many differences Such as, #1 Fridge and oven not lined up like in the dlc. #2 Can't line up the chairs around the table. #3 Could not select 6 kitchen...
  4. Check to see if character is unaffected by state error

    Hello!! So what I'm trying to do is during a random turn in combat, check to see if one of my characters is unaffected by a specific state and, if so, add that state during that turn. This is what I tried just to see if it works: But for some reason I keep getting this error: Not exactly...
  5. Quanee

    States not working properly

    Hi, I'm having an issue with my states. I'm using a pretty basic state to increase party member's attack parameter, yet even though it applies itself (I can see an icon and a popup that state is physically active), it doesn't affect my attack at all. Below I'm attaching a pic of the settings...
  6. Warionator

    Tilesets not working correctly?

    I wanted to make buildings, so I decided to expand the outside tileset to have a C, D, and possibly E thing. But when I do, it shows up in the database but not the map builder, screenshot below
  7. InsertCreativeNameHere

    How to make an actor be active in party but not in battle?

    I'm in a situation here I want an actor following the first actor but not showing up in battle, since all their actions in battle are dealt with common events. If I was comparing it to something it would be like how temporary characters work in the Earthbound/Mother series where they follow the...
  8. Hisao Shou

    Skip title screen script > unable to use same image number

    I'm using a skip title screen script, I'm showing 2 images at the beggining then transfer player to the real "start game" map, but when I try to use the same image number which was used "at the beggining" , it won't show. Any other number works, but those two numbers which images at the begginig...
  9. Br0wnSyndrome

    Yanfly's Status Menu Core Help!

    Hey guys, so I'm having a bit of trouble with Yanfly's Status Menu Core script. When I insert the script to my plugin list, it shows up on there just fine! However, it doesn't seem to change anything at all. I've tried placing it in different load up positions, but to no avail, nothing seems to...
  10. Barreled_Ducky

    2000 Troops seem not enough | Possible to Have more Troops?

    Hello fellow Game Makers. Im currently working on a pretty big Game with the RPG Maker MV Engine. I looked into the Enemy Database's of several Games, like Final Fantasy, or the Mother Series (Earthbound/Mother 3), and i saw, that they have A LOT of different enemies. I also have a lot of...
  11. SV Battlers without animation

    Hello, new to this whole 'make games' activity. I'm making a project which can be explained as "Pokemon but with toys instead of animals" so the game has A LOT of playable characters but they do not need to move in SV Battles as they basically are figurines.  Is there a way to NOT have to...
  12. Warionator

    I need help with something that's not working right

    I have an event page that makes you choose your weapon, then you battle, then you have a choice to either keep the weapon or change it. When this happens I want to remove all the weapons he has equipped. But when I remove the weapon and "include equipment" it doesn't remove it. If you want to...
  13. Set of random numbers that cannot repeat?

    Hello. I have another question. I am making this game where you are in a "battle arena" and there is a guy you talk to, and he randomly selects a number, which selects a person, whose variable is also random. E.g. You walk up to this guy. He then picks the number "2". (variable "A")...
  14. Character Speed not Changing

    I have RPG Maker VX Ace.  I read pretty much every post on these forums relating to character speed.  I tried using commands such as: Create Event>Set Move Route>Change Speed (I made sure it was on Player)>Speed: Normal.  So my issue is that I'm trying to create two different events on...
  15. N-Game Arts

    Animation not showing?

    Hello I'm working on a game and I made a animation for my zombie to do a "Bite" attack animation and I set the "skill" with the animation and I set the zombie with the skill "bite" animation, but when I start up a "Battle Test" the zombie uses the bite skill and I hear the sound I made for...
  16. Uzuki

    The Simple Life Music not playing in project

    Hey everyone. I didn't actually buy The Simple Life Music Pack. I won it in one of the product contest: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/26165-the-simple-life-music-pack/ At the time I downloaded the pack and enjoyed it, but I didn't add it into any project until today. They work...
  17. 30phil1

    Project not listed in Manager therefore, cant upload to workshop

    Hi guys, Recently I was working on a game but when I went to upload a alpha version to the workshop, I could not find it. weirdly, I can find an older version of the game but it has only parts of my work. Any help? I'm almost positive I did something to break it but I don't know what XD
  18. Imported BGM not working

    I imported some mp3 files into my project, but they won't play in the sound test menu. The other default BGM files work, but the imported sound files don't work or play. My volume is turned all the way up, and it still won't play. I tried deleting all of the audio files, and putting them back...
  19. Screen Shake Not Starting

    I have a cutscene where two of the antagonists cause a cave-in to block the party's path. I would like the screen to shake through the preceding dialogue before the ceiling collapses and the path is obstructed. The problem is however, the screen-shaking will not start. (It works when placed into...
  20. Misty

    Linux: Game not running with Wine

    Hello everyone, After 2 days of non-stop testing and researching. I have come for help after not finding a solution to my problem. First, I had a data cache glitch, but I fixed that by making a new game. Somehow it kept bringing back old events and resources that I replaced. I created a new...

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