1. Misty

    Font not working.

    Hello everyone, I am having a font loading issue, so is there a script that can help me? Here is the font: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/Playtime-With-Hot-Toddies Font.default_name = "playtime" # Edit as you see fit. Font.default_size = 24 # Edit as you see fit. I have heard people...
  2. Placidium

    Events not showing up (newbie)

    Hello fellas! I'm trying to create my first game in RPG Maker VX Ace. Somehow, I encountered a problem... ... My Events aren't showing up. Everything was fine and working properly when i tested, then i changed the map a little (the interior of a home) and now the events aren't showing up at...
  3. ZoroarX

    What are you? A statue???

    ZoroarX here! Today, I need help with the battle mechanics of the RPG. I don't want the enemy to be stopped like a statue. How do I make the enemy keep moving, like the actor? I need help!
  4. ZoroarX

    Script Trouble! - Transition not found?

    Hello, everyone. ZoroarX here again having trouble in using Scripts. Yeah, I'm a noob in using Scrpits, but here it goes. Well, I was working with some new scripts for my RPG but when I was playing, I was about to begin a battle and then, this appears right before the battle intro is showed...
  5. Battle processing not showing "if win" or "if lose"

    Hi, noob question, when i use the battle processing event, it used to show the "if win" and "if lose" commands after that. However, it now is not showing the "if win" "if lose" thinkgs show up. I've tried with different troops, pre-set and custom. But no other commands other than battle...

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