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  1. Puppet Knight

    RMMZ Reading Note Tags from all Classes in Use?

    Good afternoon lovely people, I have been hard at work building out my Equip Slots plugin and ran into a bit of a snag. Currently my plugin refuses to address subclasses in place with Class Change System VisuStella MZ and I cannot get it to take into account notetags from anything beyond the...
  2. kyonides

    KDualWield & Accessory Skills VX

    KDualWield & Accessory Skills VX by Kyonides Introduction Do you want to force your heroes to equip two weapons and probably even an accessory before they can use that super cool skill you have come up with? Thinking Now you can do it! Grinning You will need to use 1 out of 2 Note Tags to...
  3. kyonides

    KDualWield & Accessory Skills ACE

    KDualWield & Accessory Skills ACE by Kyonides Introduction Do you want to force your heroes to equip two weapons and probably even an accessory before they can use that super cool skill you have come up with? Now you can do it! :D You will need to use 1 out of 2 Note Tags to that Skill...
  4. lordvalinar

    [LordV] Kill Quest Assistant

    Kill Quest Assistant (v1.0) LordValinar Introduction This plugin was designed to assist "kill quests" in mind. Basically you get a quest to kill 10 bandits, and you want a variable to increase for each bandit you kill, but doing so with vanilla RPG Maker is difficult since "if enemyHP % <= 0"...
  5. Store notetag to variable

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to store something that is in the notetag of a certain item inside a variable. I want to do this because I'm trying to add a fishing system to my game. There are a lot of different fishes and they each have a certain difficulty level written in the note tags like...
  6. johnnymate12222

    RMMV YEP40 - Event Mini Label using event note tags

    Hello there, I would need a little modify on this plugin I'm using. I found in this thread a modified version of Yanfly's "Event Mini Label" plugin which I'm using to show text on screen, as you would do with a textbox, except in this case you can place it anywhere and it doesn't disappear...
  7. RMMZ Yanfly engine translation to Visustella

    Hello, Does someone know what these note tags are called in visustella engine? <Custom Confirm Effect> <Custom Conclude Effect> <Custom Initiate Effect> <Custom Select Effect> <Custom Confirm Effect> <Custom React Effect> <Custom Respond Effect> <Custom Establish Effect>...
  8. Random Panda

    SRD Timed Attack Note Tag help

    Hi all, This issue, might be a little complicated and may not even have the answer I am looking for but I figured I would ask around. So I am using SRD Timed Attack for my game, and the SRD Timed attack Clock for the type. I am also having the Clock pattern determined by which weapon is...
  9. ovate

    Torigoya_AutoItems (Automatic use of items or skills)

    Torigoya_AutoItems - 2019/05/12 Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) Overview Automatic use items or skills when damaged by enemy. (like 'Auto Potion' and 'Auto Phoenix') ( **This plugin cannot use Attack-skill** ) Features Actor / Class / Weapon / Armor / Enemy / State note tags for Note field...
  10. Getting Meta from state affecting character or monster.

    So I've figured out how to get the meta information added by note tags from the excellent little tutorial in Unfortunately, there's a lot of things that it sounds like should be possible that...
  11. RainbowGrenade

    Reading Note Tag Via Script Call

    Is this possible? I would like to use a script that allows for a specific customization I need through note tags, but not script calls or plugin commands. The issue being that I need to make these customization during play. I've reached out to the creator of the script, but it got me thinking...
  12. LMPGames

    RMMV Class Changer V2.0.1 [Updated]

    Hello everyone, I have decided to start releasing my RMXP script conversions to MV for others to use. This will be the first of many. So, down to brass tacks. ====Terms of Use==== Free for any use (non-commercial or commercial) just request that you credit me somehow. ====Plugin...
  13. blurymind

    is there a simple way to determine in the current map has a note tag

    and how? All could find everywhere were giant confusing loops to scan though very specific stuff. Does rpg maker mv really not have a simple function for checking basic stuff like that? :o Check if the current event has a note tag, check if the current map has a note tag? If its not a part...
  14. Add and Check Notetags!

    Greetings! I'm needing help to create a plugin that would make my life a lot easier! He looks very simple. I'd like to put in the following Notetag in Actors and Enemies: <Team: Ninjas> <Team: Witches> <Team: Fighters> Then, when the battle starts, the plugin checks if, on any side of the...
  15. Eff-n-Geoff

    Changing a Note Tag with a script call?

    Hi there, I am trying to cut down on the number of maps our game has in order to avoid the memory leak issue with some plugins and wondered if there is a way to change / overwrite a note tag with a script call? 
  16. script returns a 0 from notetag

    I am new to coding in rpg maker and am trying to learn some to help me with my own idea, which is in its infancy. I was learning how to efficiently use notetags, reading tutorials and all, yet my testing has returned a 0 or nil. The idea is to have skill sets (Perception, Stealth...
  17. Milena

    Splitting /[\r\n]+/ and placing it in one value?

    I want to detect if an actor has this note tag: /<(?:METRONOME|metronome):[ ]*(\d+)([%%])>/iand from the answers I've learned, I did something like this: Game_Actor.prototype.getMetronome= function() { this._metronome = /<(?:METRONOME|metronome):[ ]*(\d+)([%%])>/i...
  18. Enelvon

    Demiurge -- A Notes Manager and Extensible Database (Updated to v1.1)

    Demiurge v1.1 by Enelvon     Introduction Demiurge is a program designed to simplify the management of the popular "Note tag" style of script configuration. It is also capable of acting as an extensible database if one possesses a basic knowledge of the way that JRuby interfaces with Java --...
  19. Creating a Character Encyclopedia

    So I've noticed some of the different encyclopedia scripts out there. One being CSCA's version and another being the Fantasy Bestiary. I was hoping to get a similar script made as well based on certain PC and NPC characters that you interact with.   I'm thinking of putting the NPC's in the...
  20. Alchemy Synthesis by Kread-Ex, Adding a few extra features

    So I'm currently implementing Kread-Ex's Beautiful Alchemy Synthesis system, but as I'm going through it I noticed a few hiccups that may make me have to change it.  I'd like to keep the overall script intact, this would mean to add note tags and I'm a beginner with ruby. So I was hoping for...

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