1. Naveed

    Navash Sketchpad

    Navash Sketchpad Latest Version: v1.00 Introduction and Features: This plugin introduces a new Sketchpad scene. This scene allows the player to freely draw on the screen using touch controls. As the expected use is with a touch interface, the entire scene uses only touch controls to operate...
  2. captainette777

    Note-Taking Plugin?(MV)

    Hello all, I come for a much more complex request. I'm making a detective game where the player needs to keep track of suspects in order to determine if they are guilty or not. I thought it would be a huge help if the player could use a system where they could cross off people they didn't want...
  3. Converting variable to notes

    Before someone thinks I'm wanting to simple display a variable in a text. Sorry to give you the wrong impression. I know to \V[x] to have a variable's value display in text. What I'm looking at is in the notes of actors and the rest, the plugins are usually <whatever: x>, a regular...
  4. MinusGix

    How to make a function run when a choice is selected when the choices were made with javascript?

    I have a function that will make a message with choices appear on the screen, but I can't figure out how to run a function/do anything when they are pressed. Code:  If anyone knows how/has any ideas they would be very welcome.
  5. [ACE] Creating and returning skill notetag array data?

    So, I have managed to use text from skill notetags as data before (see below), using examples from scriptors. But this data has always been based on numerical digits and not arrays, and I'm not really experienced with or can comprehend enough of Regexp processes to figure this out myself...
  6. Etienne Vallée

    Bigger notes box in Database (MV)

    Hello everyone! I was watching this video from Yanfly :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvGz7_7CoMk and I saw something I would like to be able to do myself. If you look at 1:37 of this video, you can see the notes box of the database. It is bigger and it would be easier if we could make...
  7. Z_Core: Game & JavaScript Utilities for Devs

    Note: I'm a member of other RPG Maker MV forums so this is largely copy/pasted from my first time posting it. I usually choose the same username so it's pretty obvious.  Preface: Plugins and scripting are what I like best about RMMV so here I'd like to share my core plugin. This plugin...
  8. Iavra

    Iavra Note Files

    Description Allows to store notetags in text files and reference them from database objects and events. Author Iavra Parameters @param File Path @desc Path of the file to load. Multiple files can be specified when separated by commas. Default: data/notes.json @default...
  9. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Custom Note Files v1.1

    Custom Note Files v1.1 ====================================================== Overview ====================================================== This script allows you to create text files from where you want to load the notetags for the database entries in your game. Allows you to...
  10. Regexp matches many in Rubular but not in production.

    * Edit: Neglected to put [Ace] in the header. On Rubular, the following regular expression evaluates 7 match groups - as expected /^<(\w+)\s*(\w+=".*")*\s*(??:\/\s*>)|(?:>(.*)<\s*\/\s*\1\s*>))$/mHowever, the following line only returns the last match in a note box...

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