1. briarsweetbriar

    bsb notetag parser

    bsb notetag parser 1.0.0 briarsweetbriar Introduction it slices, it dices, it parses notetags. Features searches text for single-line, multi-line, and js notetags parses notetags into js primitives (eg strings, numbers, booleans) also parses nested data into arrays and objects adds a new...
  2. briarsweetbriar

    RMMZ convention for nested notetag data

    hi everyone! this is my first post here. question: i'm in the process of writing a notetag parser, and i'm wondering if there are any conventions for handling nested data. currently, i'm thinking something like: <MyNotetag> string: my string number: 123 array of numbers: [1, 2, 3]...
  3. ScorchedGround

    RMMV (YEP_BuffsStatesCore + YEP_SkillCore) "value" is determined in the wrong order

    Greetings everyone. I am trying to create basic "Life-Steal" skills with BuffsStatesCore and SkillCore However, The notetag I gave my skill to do the actual lifesteal does not seem to play nice with the notetag of a damage reduction state. State Notetag: <Custom React Effect> if (value > 0 &&...
  4. RMMZ Just trying to figure out how to implement supposedly simple plugin properly

    Hi all, I am fairly new to making plugins for RPG Maker MZ, yet I am not new to coding in general. (I normally use Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, basically some basic coding programs) Basic Concept for Plugin The basic function I am trying to have my plugin do is for it to detect if an Armor ID...
  5. Animebryan

    Need help with Yanfly's Auto-Potion notetag

    So I have Yanfly's Auto-Potion notetag that I'm using but after reading through it, it seems to go off every time the character takes damage, which would waste off your potion supply pretty quickly. So I was wondering if someone knew how to add a condition so that it only goes off if HP falls...
  6. Yawgmoth

    Yanfly's Attachable Augments Questions

    Hi all, I'm using Yanfly's Attachable Augments Plugin along with Yanfly's Equip Core. I was wondering if there was a way using the augments to change a weapon's type to another specific weapon type. EX: Lets say you have an Axe but your rogue can't use it he only uses daggers. You now have a...
  7. Nilom

    Yanfly Enhanced TP set TP mode for class

    Hello! I'm using Yanfly's Enhanced TP for the resources of my classes. Is there a way that I can set the TP mode for a class or if skill(x) is learned? Unfortunately it seems to me that these notetags can only be set for actors. But on the other side I'm just a javascript novice. I would need...
  8. Animebryan

    Need help adjusting Yanfly's 'Second Chance' state effect

    I'm planning on including a Guts state featured in Yanfly's 'Second Chance' Tips & Tricks video but the original way he sets it up only revives you at 1 HP. I plan on making 10 variations with a increasing percentage of HP restored instead, but I don't know how to make the change in the notetag...
  9. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    Simple Move Route And Event Touch Script?

    So I wan't to know can someone make me a super simple script that lets move route's "For the player" touch events. Can someone make like a notetag or a comment you could put into an event so that the player can touch it if even if the player is in a moveroute... I would also like it to stop the...
  10. YEP Item Synthesis Problem

    I've encountered the following problem and thought it would be worth a share: The Item Synthesis Plugin works fine, but in the synthesis ingredient notetag, only items are registered. any armor and weapon ingredient is completely ignored. it also doesn't matter, whether you get them via name or...
  11. Yawgmoth

    SumRndmDde Stat Distribution Plugin Error

    I just downloaded SumRndmDde's Stat Distribution Plugin and its Core engine. located here: http://sumrndm.site/stat-distribution/ Anyways I have set up the notetags and used a plugin command to give the first actor in my party the required points to boost stats and adjusted plugin parameters...
  12. Vis_Mage

    Change Skill Targeting if user has X State

    Hey! :kaohi: In my project, I have a character that is a blue mage (A character than can learn enemy skills be being hit by them. I'm using a script for this, but I don't think is should affect the request). The issue I'm running into is that they won't be able to learn any healing/support...
  13. Yawgmoth

    Yanfly's Animated SV Enemy Plugin Error

    Hi all, So I'm attempting to use Yanfly's Animated SV Enemy vs. 1.19 which appears to be the latest version. I am receiving an error when combat starts. I have taken screen shots of the error message, my test enemy and his notetags, the enemy SV sprite location in resource folder and the...
  14. Yawgmoth

    Subclass Conditional Branch Item

    Hi everyone, So I'm using RPG Maker MV and both Yanfly's Class Core and Subclass plugins. I don't want players to be able to change classes from a menu and am only allowing players to ever gain one subclass. There are only three primary classes in the game so I tried creating an item (Wiz'Ma...
  15. atreyoauron

    Yep Target Core and Variables.

    Hi. I'm trying to create some sort of multicast skill, that uses multiple random targets as it's scope by using the Target Core plugin. Let's say that i have a skill called "Multi-Fire" and another one called "Double Cast", which Multi-fire is only accesible with the Skill Extender plugin...
  16. How to put in Notetag Folders and Encrypt?

    Okay, I have a problem. So, when you deploy a game in MV, you can have it exclude all unused files, but that doesn't include files that are called with notetags. For example, when using Yanfly's Animated SV Battlers plugin, it won't work because important files are not included. The solution...
  17. How to use a plugin (total beginner)

    Hi all, I'm a complete newb at all things programming so I'm hoping somebody can give me a super-dumbed down description of how to use a plugin? The plugin in question is an arbitrary one to learn how to do this: I selected the absorption barrier plugin from Yanfly. I've read the onboard...
  18. MaxLos

    How do change the sprite sheet/graphic for an actor during battle

    Noobish question but i've been wondering how to temporarily change an actor's sprite sheet during battle since RPG Maker MV only gives you 3 frames for every animation... Im  looking for a notetag i could possibly use, not a transformation notetag, just something to change my actor's...
  19. Zeustiak

    Need guide on note tags & scripting

    Hi!  I have been trying to wrap my brain around how we can utilize the note tags to do interesting things, but I haven't found anything that really shows what the note tags are capable of or how to fully utilize them.  Google is failing me in my search for a relevant resource.... Is there a...
  20. Help with javascript for Notetags

    Hi So what I need to know is how to use javascript in the lunatic mode to make certain changes to an item. For example in Yanfly's Tips and Tricks "Duplicity Augments" he uses this line "item.params[0] += 200;" to increace the param 0 (Max HP) by the value of 200. What I need to...

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