1. Event Notetags

    Is it possible for a script to read something written in the Note field of an event? Say, for use in Conditional Branches. I know that it's possible to do so with the Database objects like Actors and Skills, but Events on map don't seem to have the Meta property.
  2. Rehtinor

    Actor Reference (Easily Event Edition)

    Howdy, Actor Reference is a must for heavily evented games with multiple playable characters. Simply put it allows you to use an Actor as a Reference to any other Actor using a Variable. Yep that's right now you can have a Player Actor that will reference whatever Actor the Player is controlling...
  3. buddysievers

    Skill/item have different effects if in battle possible?

    Hi and hello, im using alot of the Yanfly plugins and im not sure how i can accomplish what i want and wanted to ask if someone can help with that. I want to have some Items and Skills have different effects while used in menu or in batlle. Think of FF9's Potion as example. It heals 100 HP when...
  4. Using Custom State Notetags

    I'm working on a map at the moment where I'd like to have a leader event that when battled has a passive state that increases various parameters based on the number of other enemy events that are active on the map. ie. 5 enemies on map 40% stat boost 4 enemies on map 30% stat boost and so...
  5. Aloe Guvner

    Write a Plugin that reads Notetags - Beginner

    Write a Plugin that reads Notetags - Beginner Happy Tutorial Tuesday! This tutorial will teach you how to read an actor's "race" (like Human, Goblin, Dwarf) from their notetag in the database, and display it in the Status Menu. What should you know before getting started? This is a beginner...
  6. Anarcho-paladin

    Where to learn coding synthax

    Hey there, another newbie question here... I was wondering where I could learn some basics in synthax coding; I'm presently trying to implement Yanfly's Counter Control plugin in my project, but I'm having a hard time understanding how to use the notetags correctly. Sorry for asking; I know I...
  7. cub36

    controlling variables with a state.

    Hi guys, I'm currently using Yanflys Buffs and states core to add to or subtract from a variable whilst a character is affected by a state. However my JS ability is next to non existant :( Does anyone know how I could control variables through note tags or point me in the right direction to...
  8. cub36

    Ability to control variables within States

    I'm looking for a plugin that would allow me to control variables within states. For example I would like to be able to add or subtract from variables based on what states my characters are currently affected by, these changes would need to be undone once the character no longer has said...
  9. Tags doesn't work in YEP_SmartJump

    Hello, makers! I'm using Yanfly's library in my project and the tilesets tags aren't working in SmartJump, for both tiles and events with the <Illegal Jump: x> and <Illegal Jump> tags, respectively. If I put at some tilesets note <Illegal Jump: 1> and mark the Illegal Jump's tilesets with 1, the...
  10. DavidDev

    Is it possible to use a face as an enemy's CTB icon?

    I'm using Yanfly's CTB Battle System in my current project and I've been thinking about something for some time now. In this plugin, you can see the turn order in one of the top corners of the screen during battle. Each battler, actor or enemy, has their own "icon". It can be a sideview battler...
  11. BodkinsOdds

    Issues Getting Values From Armor Notetags

    Hello, I'm writing a plugin to add old school AD&D style THAC0 and AC, but I'm having trouble getting the data out of my armor note tags. I've got Harold wearing cloth with <ac: 8> and a shield with <ac: 1>, so this should result in him having an AC of 7. Instead my code is giving him the...
  12. [Yanfly] In notetags, how to apply an element to damage/healing?

    The way I'm doing it is basically (not exactly) like this (I changed some syntax so it would show up in one screenshot): It works if the target has higher/lower than 100% Physical Element, because of "user.atk * target.elementRate(1)" However, this isn't a good solution for things that...
  13. Llareian

    Meta as variable, and related JS questions

    Hi guys. This will be my first post to Learning Javascript. I think this goes here and not in Maker Specific/RM MV because I'm asking about things dealing with the underlying code and using script calls. Please let me know if I have it in the wrong place! My question(s) deal with attempting to...
  14. Sekunri

    Using Note Tags in Plugin Creation

    So I've seen a few people ask about this in the forums but no one seems to ask the question quite the way I needed. I know that you have to make some function to read notes. As such I used the following template So as of right now this should do nothing more than load the note tags and...
  15. Adding additional properties to items

    Alright so I've made a new layout for my statistics comparison in the equip scene, and I have additional statistics for my actors... however, I don't know how to add additional statistics to my weapons and armors that -actually register- here... I tried Bobstah's custom stats for a workaround...
  16. [Ace] Getting a number and a string from a notetag

    I'm trying to use notetags on equipped items to create a passive ability display, where the player can quickly see special effects granted by an equipped item in a window on the equip screen or in their status screen. (The notetag itself does not grant any effects on the actor; it is solely for...
  17. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    lunatic mode note tag problems

    hi everyone i'm having a little trouble with some of the lunatic mode note tags... i have all of the required plug ins for them and will ask one at a time first one is blue magic i took the code straight from the tips and tricks page on you tube made by yanfly here is the video ...
  18. ICF-Soft

    Array into an array into an object

    I am trying to enable an array filled with arrays throught the notebox, but I'm stuck trying to make it work and I don't know where is the problem. It starts aliasing DataManager.isDatabaseLoaded and add notetags on enemies: DataManager.processEnemyNotetags = function(group) { var note1 =...
  19. Wavelength

    Adding Properties to RPG Objects

    Hi guys!  I'm starting to make the jump from Ruby to JavaScript scripting, and while I think I'm grasping the language okay, I'm having a rough time making heads or tails of how everything is organized in the RPG Maker scripts.  Hopefully someone that's already jumped these hurdles can give me a...
  20. Iavra

    Iavra Note Files

    Description Allows to store notetags in text files and reference them from database objects and events. Author Iavra Parameters @param File Path @desc Path of the file to load. Multiple files can be specified when separated by commas. Default: data/notes.json @default...

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