1. ovate

    Notification Window

    YKNR_SlideInformation - 2017/10/15 (ver.2.0.0) Creator name: Yakinori Overview Information window that displays texts by sliding from the right Note: This plugin doesn't work for MV version 1.4.X or earlier. Features - Plays a sound effect when notification window opens - Parameters to...
  2. vFoggy

    Popup Message Windows

    Description This script allows the user to show popup windows with messages. By adding a \pop in the beginning of a message (in the events) the message will be shown as a pop up window in the top right corner. Wrote this script years ago and decided to finally release it. Screenshot and Video...
  3. Durability notifications

    Hi, This might not be in the right category but I wasn't sure where else to post this, if it is in the wrong category, please move it to the right one. I am still very new to RPG maker and am not sure how to do this. What I am looking for is a way to have a notification or event start when an...
  4. Kino


      Introduction This plugin allows the developer to have a notification system in-game. This system will show any notifications available in order. Afterward, they can be seen in-game. Furthermore, it allows the game developer to create notifications on the fly with script calls...
  5. RHachicho

    Heads up .. RPGMaker XP on sale on steam .. 80% off.

    Hi guys not sure if this is the place to post it .. but I've seen people on these forums that have issue with content because they want to use rpgmaker xp edits. Well rpgmaker is currently 80% off on steam this weekend so you can snatch it up right now for next to nothing. I hope this helps some...
  6. Quxios

    Quasi Popup

    Quasi Popup Version - 1.00 by Quasi * I'll make a better video on youtube eventually. * The <icon:1> actually works in this release.  About This plugin adds a popup feature to RPG Maker MV. The popups you create will appear above the character and will pick a random popup dialog...
  7. DarknessFalls

    Flare Collection: Notification

    Flare Notification - vs 3.0 Darkness Falls Terms: Credit must be given to me. Mit license means you can do what ever.  free for commercial usage  Flare Notifications allows you to create notification windows based on different events. So lets create a notification...
  8. Lecode

    Notifications System 1.3 + Add-on

    Notifications System 1.3 By Lecode Introduction The script draws some notifications according to in game events. Like gain gold, change exp, level up, ect. You can also draw a custom text. Features - Customizable (Size, color, position, ect) - Supported escape codes: \v[x], \c[x]...

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