1. OcRam

    OcRam - Messages plugin (for MV)

    Introduction This plugin will add notification system to RMMV project. You can automate messages when player gains/loses exp/item/gold has level up etc.. Or you can show custom non-interrupting fading messages anytime via script call (for example when new chapter begins)! This plugin is also...
  2. Philosophus Vagus

    Suddenly getting email alerts for every thread I post in regardless of preferences

    For some reason I have been receiving email notifications every single time that any thread I have previously posted in has a new post, this has only been going on for one day so far, but because these forums are fairly active and my phone chimes every time I get an email it has gotten rather...
  3. Nutty171

    I don't get notifications for watched threads awaiting moderation?

    Okay, I don't see any rules stickied at the top, so here we go. So I had a couple threads on the forum that were "Awaiting moderation before being displayed publicly." On the thread list of the forum, the "Watched" icon was there, but they weren't in my list of watched threads, and, even worse...
  4. Kino

    EIS Notification System [Updated: 1.03]

    Intro: This plugin allows you to create notifications in your game. Version: 1.03 Change Log: Added adjusting notification window sizes, based on text size Added more notification types (gainExp , level up, etc) Added different text for exp or money gain / loss Added...
  5. Geoff Moore

    Followed topic notifications

    I'm wondering, would it be possible to add forum functionality to distinguish between topics I'm following and topics I've started for notification purposes? I'd like to get reminders on the forum for followed topics and by email for those I've started.
  6. TheGreenHorse

    No notifications for other people

    From some time, other people are not receiving notifications from my personal messenger. When i send them a message, they would end up saying that they didn't recieve the notification for it. This is really frustrating. I hope someone could help, please. I use my messenger normally.

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