npc actors

  1. Help, Custom NPC gets cut

    Hi, sorry im REALLY NEW in this program and im having a problem where the custom NPC i want to put in game, IT GETS CUT HHHHH. (if u could explain it slowly that could help me a lot, as i still dont get some things) How can i make it when i have big NPCS? They always get cut. Rest in Pieces my...
  2. Question about party member swapping

    Hello, im new to rpg maker mv and I have been looking for a way to make event npc's of possible party members that when you speak with them it will let them swap out for other party members or just give flavor text if they are already in the party. Does anyone have any ideas for how to implement...
  3. arcadekitten

    How to make NPCs walk off the edge of the screen and pop back out the other end in a loop?

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting so I apologize if I put this in the wrong place or mess up or anything. I just wanted to know if it was possible to have NPCs walk off the edge of the screen and pop back out the other end in a loop? I'm not sure exactly how to describe it in words, so...
  4. making repeatable event enter map through one door and exit another

    i'm trying to make an NPC appear as if they leave one door, walk to another door and exit. While the event/NPC is moving, I would like the PC to be able to interact with the event with the action button. I set this up using switches and can get this to work once, but when I reset the switches...
  5. GamingPlusPlus

    Pokemon Resources

    I am looking for a load of pokemon resources that i can use for my game Resources---- *Pokemon Battler Img's *Pokemon Sprites Gen 1-8 (i would like to be able to edit them if i choose to) *Pokemon Animations(Moves/Attacks) *Npc's People Different from other games(just surprise me) *Npc Pokemon...

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