npc event

  1. RadioactiveArcade

    Would making a crowd of NPCs facing player w/ parallel events crash my game?

    I wanted to have a scene with a sea of npcs that are programmed to turn and look at the player regarding their position on the map using the region IDs. I have using the same type of parallel events for things like cutscene triggers using the condition: $gamePlayer.regionId() == 1 The NPC crowd...
  2. Help with generating NPCs (animals for farm sim) at coordinates using common events

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to make a system for buying / generating livestock in my RPG maker VX Ace sci-fi farming sim. I've run into a few problems though on how to go about this. My current attempt to tackle this is to use a common event which makes new events (which would then hold the...
  3. lordvalinar

    Friendship-Romance System (FRS)

    Friendship Romance System (FRS) v1.3 (by LordValinar) Introduction Introduces a more in-depth relation system between actors (and events!) New - Latest Update (v1.31 - Sep 24 2021): FEATURES: Notetags(Actors, Skills, Items): Assign notetags that can: Set initial friendship/romance levels...
  4. IndigoDreamsArt

    How to get NPC to enter or leave an existing map during a cutscene?

    Title pretty much says it all... I'm building a scene where my player character is already on the map, is looking for their friend, and goes to another part of the map to trigger another cutscene, in which the NPC she will have a convo with is supposed to enter the map and walk up to her. The...
  5. arcadekitten

    How to make a door open and reveal an NPC behind it?

    Hi everyone! I feel like there's got to be some sort of simple solution to this, but I'm losing my mind trying to figure it out! @__@ I can't figure out how to open a door and reveal an NPC behind it. One that can exit from inside the door's space and then walk onto the rest of the map for the...
  6. NPC event won't show up in game

    Hi everyone. I am trying to make an NPC event with a choice element and a conditional branch. For some reason the NPC isn't in the game when I test it. Please help me Screenshots of event Screenshot of map where NPC should show up.
  7. Manja

    Can't get a NPC event to disappear

    So, I bought RPG maker MV a couple days ago and I really like it. Watched a lot of tutorials but not enough apparently. But I have run into a problem. I have this NPC that joins the player if he find the NPC his wrench. So he joins, but as soon as you go to an other map and return to the town...

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