1. How to stop an NPC resetting route after dialogue [MV]

    So I'm a complete no0b, but i have managed to make an NPC and have him move along a custom route. I have finally managed to get the NPC to say 3 different things every time you talk to him using switches, but by doing this he restarts his custom route from wherever he was standing when spoken...
  2. Nyxx

    NPC approach player when looked at

    Hello everybody, I am trying to develop a hitman-like game in RPG Maker. I've figured out most of the mechanics for the game, but I have no idea how to do this. Basically, I want to make it so if the NPC turns in the general direction of the player, and they are not behind an object, the NPC...
  3. Quanee

    Moving NPC changing position upon interacting

    Hello everyone, I am having an issue with event pathing. My NPC (at the table) is tied to 2 different events, one for pathing, one for interacting with my hero. Pathing is super simple - walk right, turn down, walk rleft, turn down. Now for the buggy part. I can talk to the NPC freely, he...
  4. Alex_Cf

    Text input during coversation with NPC

    Hi all, I'm new to this. I've been thinking to make educational RPG game for the kids. Can anyone actually guide me if there's any possible way to make text input during conversation with NPC ? Like the quiz which requires text input? For example the NPC ask a question and requires player to...
  5. BTBeta

    How do I make a cut scene happen after teleporting from another map

    I have been genuinely stuck on this one for ages. Let me explain: I've made it where you defeat a boss and talk to an NPC behind it (one you rescue), and it says it knows a short way out of the dungeon. You then teleport to the outside of the dungeon. I want it so that once you escape from the...
  6. ddblue

    Question about how to set up events for Yanfly's Gab Window plugin

    Hello everyone! I really love the idea of Yanfly's Gab Window, and while I understand its basic operation, I am a little confused about how we're meant to set up the gab events. I watched Yanfly's tutorial and another YouTube tutorial, but both kinda skip over this part. Are the events meant...
  7. Alien9000

    I can not figure out this event

    I must have tried so many times, the hour flew by. Yet I came up with nothing. Somehow even made it a bit worse. Just PLEASE give me this one. So my even request is, you talk to this guy in a bar. He also says he wont give you what you want until the request is done. He says he wants this other...
  8. Alien9000

    NPC disapears when I play the game.

    The NPC is put on a map for the character to interact with. But when I play the game, he is not there. And I did not make him invisible at the start. It worked earlier when I made the game and had no problems. No it does this. Is this a bug?
  9. Alien9000

    Is it possible to script a NPC to move on an event tile?

    I want an NPC to walk to a hole in the wall and disappear. The problem is, in front of the hole is an event tile on the ground to let the player transfer to another map. But when I make the NPC move to the direction, it wont move, because of the event tile. Is there a way I can make a NPC walk...
  10. Fangzarie

    Need Help with giving npc specific items

    I've seen this topic floating around in the Vx/ace forums but it's never really what I'm needing help with. I'm trying to set up a situation in which an injured npc needs multiple potions/ healing items to recover before they are healed for a quest. Over on the vx/ace forums one of the common...
  11. Creating NPCs similar to trainers in Pokemon

    Hi everyone. I tried to make an NPC similar to Pokemon trainers as we know them from every Pokemon game. Basically, the NPC is supposed to patrol an area and the moment you make eye contact with him, he should notice you, move towards you and start the battle. Here I was... thinking it will be...
  12. Npcs while in airship

    Is there a way to make it so that NPCs can interact with you while you are in the airship? Like "This thingy will follow you and if you touch it you'll enter a battle."
  13. NPC Walk Through Door

    Hello all! This is probably the simplest thing to do in RPG Maker MV, but it's the only thing I can't figure out how to do. My NPC is in the middle of a room on Autorun. When my MC walks into the room, the NPC talks. After this happens, I want my NPC to walk up, open the door, and walk through...
  14. KayZaman

    Amount of NPCs in every maps (how you plan)

    Hi, everyone. This is kinda particular for RPG game development. Let say....I make maps of towns, cities, villages, dungeons....many! But when comes to make NPCs, things gonna lot to do. Villagers, shopkeepers, vagabonds, guards, monsters, kids (yup, kids too)....many characters in every maps...
  15. Kato-A

    [RMMV] How can I make a npc move an event?

    Hello, I have a question There is a place in my game where I want create an npc playing with a ball randomly. How can I make the ball move when the npc is near? and make the npc move towards the event I know how to make the ball move with the player only. (Just look how sad is he :,c)
  16. Runako

    Display NPC stats

    Hello, Good morning, afternoon, night, or whats ever relevant to your time zone. I'm pretty much sure a plugin will be needed for this so I immediately put it in "plugin request" So, in my game, interactions with NPCs are imperative; the entire game is driven by your interactions with them...
  17. aypooma

    NPCs briefly turn towards player when interacted with?

    Hello I am currently making a Yume Nikki fangame and there's a small issue whenever the player interacts with an event, they briefly turn towards the player. It's not a huge problem but it's kinda annoying For example, when the player approaches an npc from the left side and interacts with them...
  18. PowerNetworkINC

    Help! (npc battle problems)

    I am quite new the RPG Maker mv sorry if my question is stupid but: i am trying to make an event that get my acdtor directly into a battle.. i am searching all over the page for a tutorial but i cant find one... if you have a sollution please leave a comment thnx!
  19. Moving around during one NPC text

    I'm working on an NPC of an old dude who follows you around telling you his life story. I need the text to be scrolling while you're moving around interacting with other NPC's and other things. I have tried Galv's Messages Without Wait V.1.1...
  20. Albaharu

    Talking to a NPC that has the "Through" option

    Hello! I was making an NPC that walks around and goes through all, like a ghost, but if I activate that option and my player wants to talk to the ghost, the player will have to be OVER the NPC, instead of talking one to one. It's possible to make an NPC event with the through option but that...

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