1. JAD94

    NPC Flees/Chases you while avoiding walls

    Hey everyone just a quick question, I have several moments in my project where you have to chase an NPC or an NPC chases you. The problem is when this NPC reaches a wall he'll stop moving completely, is there a way to set it up that the NPC will maneuver around walls and such? Thank you -JAD
  2. Xanderlise

    Need help with making guards disappear

    Ok so I have learned a lot about this game and making different things happen with switches, variables, etc... But I have one major problem. So when my game starts a video plays, a little back story on the game displays, and the name hero screen pops up. After that you are in front of the king...
  3. Zethian

    Complex event with multiple NPCs need help

    Hi. I'm a beginner with VX Ace. Basically, I want my player to pass over event tiles without them activating yet, be forced to turn back by other event tiles, and THEN for the first event to occur when the player steps on a certain tile. I can't figure out how to do this. Then for the...
  4. NPC calling character by given name

    Hey, I'm not sure if there are any other topics about this. So I am hoping you guys can help. I don't even know if its possible to do but i am hoping that i can get the player to insert a name of their choice with a set number of letters. For example 16 letters. If thats possible then the...
  5. ZeuroMiller

    [RPGMVXA] Please Create 2 Sprites, One Main Charachter, Main Ally of main charachter.

    Hello, To Whoever Reading This Thanks In Advance. I Have Created A Face For My Main Character but somehow I am not able to create a good sprite. Also I was thinking about an ally of my character who would remain an important part of the story. Images Of faces Are Below. Description Main...
  6. AngelGrace


    I've been having a heck of a time with guards in this game. Basically, once the player meets a certain condition, the guard moves out of the way...but I still want to be able to interact with the guard. For the first one I have, it's when a player defeats a boss (off map, to boot!). For the...
  7. MusicWizard

    Moving NPC with Light Source.

    Hello fellow RPG Maker game developers. I got a question but i am not sure i am in the right part of the forum. Anyways. I am trying to get an NPC and MOB that are moving around as an Event to have an light source that follows them while they are moving around in random. How to make it work...
  8. MasterLagger

    NPC's Move While Text is Displayed?

    I've noticed that when a text box is displayed in-game that the NPC's that wander around still move about. This isn't a big problem at the moment, but it could be later on when I start adding enemy NPC's. Say for example, you open a treasure chest and a 'You got...blahblahblah' text box pops up...
  9. make an npc enter a map

    Hello all, I just recently purchased RMVX Ace, and have been doing my best to solve all my questions via previously answered threads, but I need some help. I am creating an opening cutscene that consists of one long event.  In the event the main character (as an event icon) completes a series...
  10. MadBanana

    How to make NPCs walk like the player?

    I've been working on a game and I need to make a NPC move from one point to another point. So I set the Movement Type to custom and make the NPC walk left 4 times. But, once he starts walking, he literally walks like he's retarded. He takes a step, than waits a second or two and than takes...
  11. kirigirisan

    How to make an NPC move with the Player?

    Hello! I'm working with IG Maker and I have my player gadget and an NPC gadget of a friend. For one of my game's stages, I want the friend to match the player's movements (when the player jumps, the friend jumps, if the player walks left, the friend walks left, etc.) I've tried several things...
  12. spontaneous_chibi

    Random walking NPC help?

    I have a cat in my game and I have him wandering around the map randomly until interacted with. My question is, is there any way to get him to turn as he walks so he's not just sliding sideways when he moves that way? Thanks! -Chibi
  13. dahilig007

    Parallel Process (Talking NPC)

    I was working in a particular project when suddenly.. I thought of an idea About NPCs talking to each other. Well normally we use "Stepping Animation" to make them look like talking. So I was wondering of putting the "Stepping Animation" to both NPCs in Parallel Process so the player can...
  14. How to make a condition where the player needs to talk to a person?

    Let me explain what I need, in detail: if the player touches the event which gets him to another map he is confronted with a message saying that he can't and it doesn't transfer him. So in order to go there he must talk to a specific person and then the event unlocks. Sorry if the thread already...
  15. redscores

    NPC - Preventing the Hero to walk through the NPC.

    Okay, here is the deal. In my game I want to include NPC's which might need to block entrances to buildings or the like. But right now, everyone can just walk through the NPC's, this I want to prevent. I know you could just disable the event to enter the building, cave or whatnot. Still it...
  16. diablodevil2

    Running a shop?

    Heya, I'm pretty new to the recent RPG maker, though I played around with it a little waaaay back when on the Ps1. =p Anywho, I had a thought for making a game kinda comparable to Recettear.  That is, a game where the focus is on selling things, building up your shop, expanding, etc. Testing...
  17. RPGVXACE NPCs changing dialogue

    Hiya all ! Im finished the storyline on my game(ish) and want to start adding random NPCs that provide background info But being noob I can only make them speak for 1 sequence eg Player walks up to NPC, talks to it, NPC says Msg1 Hiya there BUT this msg displays every single time the player...
  18. Three Questions..

    Ok so i have three questions...1=Highest priority 1.I have 10 classes and start of as a ghost with nothing so i can pick a class and get the items BUT i cant change the sprite...This is what i have so far. @>Text   A monk well at buffing and debuffing!   He only intends good deeds.Main...
  19. JamesCalibur

    NPC issues

    Hello, I've been working on a game over the past few day's but I've reached a problem at the start of the game i want the npc to start an autorun cutscene, then walk to a position i set for him/her, then remain their when i leave the screen the screen and comeback, continuing to say what i...
  20. Des

    Making Memorable NPCs

    Making Memorable NPCs Yo. Today I feel like talking about NPCs. I've played a lot of amateur RPGs and nearly all of them feature the same copy-paste "welcome to this town" NPCs. Lazy game developers will treat NPCs like scenery—like they're just a part of the map and not living characters. The...

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