1. how to assign 2 different text boxes to one npc

    hello, i want to add two different messages to an npc like when you talk to an npc for the first time it says "A" but when you talk for the second time it says "B". is there a way to do it?
  2. Bernkastelwitch

    Any generator parts for Insect parts, tentacles, or Merfolk?

    My game has some more non-human characters including some insect-like people, some Mermaids and mermen, and a race of people with parasite-like tentacles/tendrils coming out of them. I have been looking everywhere for any kinds of parts I can use for a generator or some NPCs I can credit if...
  3. arcadekitten

    How to make a door open and reveal an NPC behind it?

    Hi everyone! I feel like there's got to be some sort of simple solution to this, but I'm losing my mind trying to figure it out! @__@ I can't figure out how to open a door and reveal an NPC behind it. One that can exit from inside the door's space and then walk onto the rest of the map for the...
  4. Is there any way to disable the turn toward player feature when interacting with an NPC?

    In my game, before you can talk to characters. I'm implementing choices that can make you do a variety of things to the NPC. Such as being able to battle, talk, steal, inspect what they are doing, etc... It's not a big problem but whenever you interact with the NPC they always turn towards the...
  5. TheTraveller

    Getting Character to Follow Non-Player Character

    So, I would like to preface this by saying that, outside of very basic events like chests or the like, I have almost no knowledge of RPG Maker, not helped by my first project being down in a trial version of MV, so moving to XV Ace doesn't help. Anyway, I'm developing a small test game called...
  6. StudioIconoclast

    Gaining Skills from NPCs

    I just got this software recently so I've been messing around in it and I was trying to make it so an NPC could give me a skill. I'm pretty sure I did everything correctly, but it still doesn't work. NPCs can give the player items, but not skills. I've attached a file of my code (please ignore...
  7. Helpful_Bill

    Having a Randomly Moving NPC Approach You

    Hello! I'm new here. Right now, me and a friend are attempting to learn RMMV and we are very new. So, here's the problem: We have a randomly moving NPC (bartender) that moves along the bar every so once in a while to check up on the NPC's at the bar. So far so good. So far we have events set...
  8. yuyu!

    [Yuyu] Randomized Names

    Yuyu Randomized Names (Ver. 1.1) ---------------------------------------------------- -Author: yuyu!- Introduction This plugin will generate random names for characters in your game - which could include NPCs and Actors. It's pretty cool if you want your villagers to have unique names but don't...
  9. rek600

    Opacity for Tile sets?

    Hello everyone out there reading this post! I'm new to to the site and somewhat new to RPG maker VX Ace working on my first game. i wanted to do some experimenting, so my question is there anyway to change the opacity on titles, or anything really like NCPs in RPG Maker VX Ace, and if so how can...
  10. Julien Brightside

    Npcs and text

    Title: Npcs and text Question: Should all NPCs provide valuable information to the player, or is it okay to have some of them just say your usual random village banter?
  11. Vestille

    How to make NPC's join party temporarily?

    I looked around on the web and wasn't finding anything about this but I'm not sure if I would need a whole seperate script for this. How can I make NPC's temporarily join my party (follow me around and attack monsters with my current troup) without letting the player control their actions? Any...
  12. ashes999

    Spawning NPCs on other maps

    I'm working on a game where I generate about 5-8 NPCs up front (on creating a new game). I also have a known set of maps. I need to distribute my NPCs to different maps. I can't do this through the visual editor, because the NPCs don't exist until the game runs (each new-game creates a...
  13. Newbie problems (NPCs not following their set paths)

    I am trying to making two guards look like they are sparring in a training hall.  I instructed them to step forward twice one, a 'bump' sound plays and they jump back one step, walk back one step and repeat. Their direction they go is mirrored and I am trying to make it look like they and...
  14. Rm2K3: Line of Sight

    I am new to RM2k3, but not programming in general.  I have a nice little line of sight handler developed.  It works using a taxicab distance metric and the NPC's current direction.  In an open field, this is  a perfect handler, but when placed in a dungeon or a building with a lot of obstacles...
  15. Sarlecc

    How Interactive do you like NPC's

    So I am wondering how interactive do you like NPC's to be? Do you like them to be able to respond to everything a player does (i.e insane)? Perhaps you like them to interact only to certain things (i.e half and half). Or maybe you just like your NPC's to just kinda be there (i.e dull). What...
  16. Josephkhland

    Character causing tile animations

    So I actually have something like a pool , that the player can get in. When he is inside I want it to be seen like he is half inside and half outside the water + I want to cause animations work on the water when he moves. How can I do this. Is there an option with the tiles , or is it something...
  17. Onomotopoeia

    Crafting Categories/Ideas, and What's in the Town?

    While looking into Vlue's Advanced Recipe Crafting script, specifically the crafting categories, a stray memory happened to pop into place. Sometime just after the Y2K rollover, while looking around the 'net for game-making tutorials, I came across a gamedev.net article which listed some things...
  18. Encyclopedia Script for NPCs

    I am requesting a very easy-to-use encyclopedia script for strictly NPCs. I would like it to be very customizable with a name, description, and picture of the npc. I am very bad at scripting, so I cannot figure out CSCA's encyclopedia.
  19. Move Route, Events and NPCs

    Hello, first time poster here. If this already has been answered somewhere else, then obviously that explanation alone was not good enough for my feeble mind (I have accumulated a great amount of hours googling this issue). I am trying to create an event where a player touches a tile, which...
  20. PikaChris

    Graphics Requests for RMXP(I did not make these)

    I need some battler graphics and npcs for my game that I'm making with RPG MakerXP (Yes I'm new to this forum). NPCs that I want for battler graphics <--------- I need a death graphic for this npc and I need NPCs of these following characters  <------- This graphic needs a nice polish and...

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