1. Karbonic

    Unable to use small numbers as stats?

    Hello! I'm running into a problem with how RPG Maker MV uses its character stats. At level 1, I want my main character to have just one attack point, so I have it set to that here. However, when testing and in game, the attack stat is changed inexplicably from 1 to 11, which completely changes...
  2. thenerdmansion

    MZ battle number font sizes

    Greetings my beloved community :D Because I've changed the font in my game. when ever I attack an enemy it only shows the bottom half of the numbers because the numbers are so big. How do I change the battle number font? I've change the font sizes on the menus through the engine by going to...
  3. Finnuval

    Wrought-iron numbers

    Okay so this one is a little different... (for MZ) You know how old houses and buildings sometimes have wrought iron numbers on them displaying the year thy were build? Well that's what Im looking for. A full set of them 0-9 kinda like this. Anyone willing? Would be much appreciated :D
  4. coucassi

    Amount of Weapons & Armors

    How do you decide how many weapons & armors to include in your game? I’m not talking about weapon types but about the amount of say different swords the player can find throughout the game. I’m really struggling with this lately. Since I decided to complete the database as much as possible...
  5. astrobunny

    Display a number on the map

    Map Number Displayer v1.0 by astrobunny Introduction This simple script places a number on your map that you can manipulate by changing a switch and a variable! Features - Easy to use and manipulate with events! - Fast, does not kill framerate - Customize your text image How to use Video...
  6. [Rm2k3] Quick question about decimals

    If I'm calculating something in an event, or if the damage dealt to a character comes up as a decimal, say 3.5 or something, does Rm2k3 round the number up or down?
  7. ovate

    Assorted - Damage.png (14 style damage popups)

    To use Damage.png in your game- Open your project folder > img > system > replace original Damage.png with file name Damage.png (one you plan to use) ---------- Modern, Futuristic, Bold, Stereoscopic, Spaced By: TYA Terms: Can be used for commercial and non-commercial project as long you...
  8. RachelTheSeeker

    Exact Numbers For A Buff/Debuff?

    Hey folks. I've begun to work on a project again, and had a query to make a certain type of buff or debuff in-game. Because I don't feel the title can convey what I mean, here's an example. Say I'm trying to create an AD&D-esque system for a game. In this case, I'm trying to make buffs and...
  9. SrOscuro

    Plugin, Seeded random numbers generator

    This is my first released plugin, a plugin to generate random numbers after initializing a generator with a seed. Seed initialized random numbers? Seeded random generators differ from the built-in random numbers because you can initialize it with a value to force always the same sequence of...
  10. Anxious

    Just numbers?

    So, I recently entered a conundrum where I was stuck with no bars (HP, MP, TP), so, I'm wondering, is there any scripts where its just numbers? EX: HP: 13/100 Kinda like the example above. If there is, I BEG of you to send it to me thanks.
  11. Milena

    Numbers Rollout

    I would like to ask if there's a simple way to rollout the numbers in the battle status when you take damage? Rollout meaning I want the numbers to slowly change instead of them going directly to the value my hp / mp currently is. So if I have 10 hp and I got hit by 6, the HP number slowly drops...
  12. Kino

    EIS - Cecilia Numerical Pad [Updated Version 1.03]

    Introduction This plugin creates a new numerical pad, which you can use in your game. This pad lets the player enter numbers, remove numbers from the buffer, and overall have a more robust numerical pad to use when they need to enter numbers. This can be great for things like...
  13. Innovation

    Combat numbers change

    Just a quick simple question to something I haven't been able to figure out sorry if it's been asked before I couldn't find it. I am using a custom font in game but in combat (I.E In battles when my character attacks) it still shows the default numbering instead of my custom font number's how...
  14. I'm working with small numbers

    I want my characters to level up with small parameter changes. EX: you leveled up! HP +3 MP +2 ATK +1 DEF +0 Does it have to do with Parameter Curve? is there a way I can manually input the stat changes for each level up a class?
  15. The Right Hand Man

    How to add variable numbers in text messages?

    Like the title says.Any knows how?
  16. Kimimant

    Value separators... I need help! :(

    Hello guys, I started to use the MV and I don't know how to change way some values are displayed. When you look at the HP in the menu it looks like this: 4,400 But how do I change it to this: 4400 And how do I change that in battle if these inputs are separated? Thank you for your help... :)
  17. Mr. Trivel

    Damage Postfix

    What does it do? For people who like big numbers, but want to make them smaller in space. It adds postfixes to damage when it gets big enough - E.g. 1884B   Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Damage Postfix Created: 2015-10-28 Version: 1.0   Screenshot:   Required: damage.png  ...
  18. Sixth

    Picture Number Drawing - v1.2 (22/06/2015)

    - Script: - Demo: I don't think so, sorry! - Sample Testing Scene: In case you want to test your images for picture drawing, you can use this sample scene I made for exactly that purpose: ... Or not... Seems like the link for that one gone missing in action somewhere, sorry...
  19. Sarlecc

    Scientific Notation

    So I have kinda been playing around with the idea of allowing players the option of using scientific notation vs normal long numbers. Which would also allow developers to use much larger numbers and still fit them in a small area to display. Also large numbers in scientific notation are easier...
  20. TMS

    Getting Comfortable Working with Stats

    Before I can start in on the fun part of making a game, there are a number of technical aspects to take care of. I had a feeling that I would hit something of a wall here, and so I have. It's hard to work with all the numbers that go into character and enemy stats, experience points, and bonuses...

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