1. wrigty12

    Number input while scripting?

    Very simple questions, but I am using Falcao Pearl ABS script, and there is a part where you can use number keys to use skills. Ex: Weapon   =  [PearlKey:,      'D]             Armor    =  [PearlKey::A,      'A']               Item     =  [PearlKey::Q,      'Q']               Item2    =...
  2. Tigersong

    By the numbers

    I know this comes as a big surprise, but I have a question. ;) I've been looking at a role-playing system- namely Warriors Adventure- where nothing higher than a 10 is used anywhere. Seems like a great way of creating a short, stress-free game, but there's just one problem. How would it work...
  3. kerbonklin

    Using resource numbers for things.

    So you know how some scripts come with (and use) those custom numbers images resources?  Like how custom battle systems and custom timers usually use custom numbers? I was thinking, for the sake of uniform and aesthetics, is it possible to code those resource numbers to work with other things...

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