1. darksshades

    [DLL Loading] Make games smaller. Any way to reuse nw.dll(80MB~) ? (kinda solved)

    One of the biggest downsize of MV games is that sometimes the common files are way bigger than all your real files. That's because nwjs has to pack a chromium inside the nw.dll into EVERY GAME which varies from 60-130MB depending on its version. I've been trying to find a way to "install" the...
  2. How to get game folder's path on web browser

    Hi, normally, when i want to access to certain file path, ex: img/minestuff/image.png I will run require('path') to get game folder path and then join it with the string above to get the file's path. But if i do so on Web Browser, it will cause error because nodeJs doesn't seem to work on HMTL5...
  3. Jonforum

    RMMV tips: Upgrade NWJS and Chromium 67,68 64bits

    rmmv v.1.6> only You keep updating is imperative to fix security breach, but also to optimize your project and get the performance gain that is constantly updating. And get all new features update will give to you. We go here to see for the beginner how to update nwjs No need to wait until...
  4. Jonforum

    RMMV PRO TIPS: How to compress your ressource (one files exectuable)

    Using ENIGMA VIRTUAL BOX are not easy performance issue This method is extremely easy and keep performance keep speed game memory cache related to: http://docs.nwjs.io/en/latest/For Users/Package and Distribute/#package-option-2-zip-file Nw.js Standard file packaging First, copy the...

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