1. Aerosys

    RMMZ Is obfuscating and domain-locking a safe way to redistribute 3rd Party Plugins in a Game?

    Hey all, I want to add a Minimap into my Sample Game and publish it as a browser game so people can try it out instantly but the Minimap is a paid one. Hence, I want to obfuscate and domain-lock it using https://obfuscator.io/. But is it safe? Googling for a few seconds I easily found websites...
  2. Protect option.

    Hello. I have a question about protect my game. By default. Have a protect option? (or Do i need use the plugin?) I mean encryption or obfuscation. Thk read.
  3. Questions before I might commit to using RPG Maker MV

    Hi. I hope you are doing fine. I hope that you are able to properly advise me. I had a plan for a game and was already busy with it. Because of circumstances I had to set it aside for a while. Now I am doing research on how to best proceed, when the time is right to actually go at it once more...
  4. Bura

    Obfuscation/Encryption solution for Windows-Only project besides Enigma

    From what I have read, the only solution to obfuscate the project files seems to be the Enigma Protector. I have read a couple of posts where other possible solutions aren't taken into account as it would mean the game wouldn't work on browsers, tablets or Mac, but in my case I just need it to...

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