1. Trihan

    RMMZ A primer on data class mapping.

    Ahead of the new Jump into Javascript, I've noticed a fair number of times before that many people seem to struggle with the connection between the global $dataxxxx objects and the editor's database, so I thought I would provide a comprehensive list of those classes and the properties they map...
  2. ALHC7


    Hey guys! I wonder if there's a way to heal with the same ability different amounts depending on the character. In my game I want to make a cook system, combining food in a campfire, The thing is some characters are vegetarian and some love meat, so if the player cook a steak to heal the party...
  3. SoftCloud

    SoftCloud Workstations +

    Workstations Contained herein are some workshop elements I've created. These work nicely with a crafting system or even a basic eventing system to create just a couple of items. Terms and Conditions are outlined with each instance. Further additions may be made. Blacksmith Table: This was...
  4. karinthefox

    Websites that sell assets (tiles and objects mostly) for RPG Maker MV?

    Hello! I've recently released a demo for my game Panacea. I made all of the 2D illustrations myself but, when it comes to the pixel art, I mostly had to use free assets with creative commons (except for the character sprites, trees and outside view hotel, which I made myself). Honestly, I'd love...
  5. SpearSleepy

    Infernity Resources XD

    Hello everyone, I am new to making resources, but I would like to share with you the ones I create. Personally, I love things of a paranormal and horror nature, so my contributions will not stray far from those topics that I am passionate about. I hope do you like it. TERMS Shadow...
  6. GotMop

    Framed Artwork

    Ever play a game and then just stop for a moment to enjoy the artwork on the walls? This is my first attempt at creating a framed artwork sprite that could be utilized within a game. Very often, I find that developers lack the resources or don't notice the value when creating an in depth...
  7. Exclusive Items

    Hello, I would like to know how I can make a consumable item unique to a character in my team. Example: A potion that only the main character can use. Thanks and sorry to bother you
  8. Makai Object Variables

    Latest Version: v1.3 Hello all, first time posting here i think. Not a native English speaker here! So i'm a newbie in JS but i'm loving it and i created my own plugin for RMMV. It's called "Object Variables". Enables variables to hold infinite values (in the form of properties) Simplified...
  9. BlueMage

    What does .new mean?

    Hi guys, I want to ask does it mean to create a new object if we run: abc = abc.new(1,2) But then, for example that i need object abc to insert into: tint_start(abc) how can i straightly write something like: tint_start({1,2}) instead of using .new key
  10. Placing object anywhere.

    I've been testing with an event for a while, trying to get it to locate my player x and y location and then summon under me, but it only works out in one map because the event has to be created over in every map, its so annoying, so i was wondering if anyone know a better way of doing it? Thanks...
  11. DarkMagician91

    Use objects as actors in fights

    Hello there! I'm new here so i don't know if iis the right section to post this thread (if wrong I'm really sorry :rsad:) First of all english is not my language so I might be not clear but I'll try my best to let you understand my things. I'm making a game in RPG Maker MV in which the...
  12. Isabella Ava

    Why events don't remember its new properties' value?

    Hi there, I am using RPGMV, i tried to add new property on some Events like this: $gameMap.event(2)._test = 1; $gameMap.event(2)._test += 1; Then i left the map and come back, now the ._test property's value had been reverted to 0. How can i make the game remember those value? Thank you
  13. Midnight Kitty

    Game crashing whenever I try optimize or clear equips

    I get the following error message whenever I try to choose one of the following options in the equip menu in game. Type Error Cannot read property 'LB_toDatabaseObject' of undefined. The only plugin I can see this connected too is LB_EquipVariables by LadyBaskerville v1.02...
  14. Cannot read property 'SetObject' of undefined

    I have a problem, I added some types of equipment And when I am on the games and I want to equip equipment on the type of equipment in question its make me a marked error "Can not read property 'SetObject' of undefined" help me
  15. Jonforum

    Little question about Object property with array

    Hi I am building my quest system. I use for Quests the Rmmv Armors Items, $dataArmors[], because I do not use this DB in my project. At the beginning of the game, I inject all in $dataArmors [?].meta my individually properties for Quest. I write them in a .js file, because the comment...
  16. Cheah Hsun Teik

    list of variable , object/class and function/method to help in plugin creation

    list of  variable , object/class and function/method that is present in the rpgmaker mv js files and in JavaScript itself. Is it possible to list it all for me here? if not,how and where do I find them(full list)?
  17. SumRndmDde

    Object Pushing Mechanic/Puzzle Tutorial

    Object Pushing Puzzle Tutorial by SumRndmDde This is a tutorial that teaches you how to make a smoother "pushing" mechanic for events. Using this, one can create puzzles, systems, and other evented features that feel a lot smoother than the usual "Push and Wait" system that comes...
  18. Quite.Toxick

    MV Sprite: Animated Spinning Wheel

    Hello to all the pixel artists out there! I have another - maybe a bit weird - request: Resource Type: Character / Sprite / Battler Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP / Realistic Description: For my MV project I would need an animated spinning wheel. I found one for Ace, but...
  19. Placeable Objects(events) from inventory

    Hello, i created a tutorial showing how you can place objects on the player location using an item in your inventory.
  20. Ariaka

    Starting small, best way to define a species

    I decided to learn Javascript to make a plug-in for a breeding game. Jeremy Cannady did a wonderful job making a basic breeding plugin when I made a request, but it simply did not do what I was looking for...

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