1. Event for multiple objects?

    Say I have a field of corn with stalks of corn on every other tile, and I want to have the same dialogue pop up when the hero interacts with each stalk of corn. Do I have to copy and paste the same event onto every stalk of corn, or is there a way to attach an event to a certain part of a...
  2. The Commander

    Object Counter

    Hi there, I am looking for a script that adds a sort of counter to the screen for only a very specific maps. What I mean is this: In my game, because it's an open world environment and takes place entirely within a (friendly) city, you cannot level up via normal means. To make up for this, I'm...
  3. Seijiro Mafuné

    Trailer Park tiles.

    I think this might be a first, but hopefully not. So! Trailers. Those houses on wheels that let you live in your car. I'm sure most people have at least seen a trailer in media, even if they never rode in one. I'm in need for some trailers. Facing forward, backward, and to the sides. Having...
  4. shiori4me

    State Base Parameter Adjustment? (Adding +100% Mdf and soforth, like Yanfly)

    This seems like a bit much, but might as well throw it out there. I'm multiplying Luk by 10 in using it as "Strength" and dubbing it "STR". But it's still Luk. This is so that I can make more subtle changes to Strength with objects. Among other uses, I'm using an inventory script and having...
  5. HorrorGamerJW

    Move an Object to a Different Room?

    Hello. I am new to the forums because I am in need of Help on my game. I love making Horror RPG maker games, and a horror game will require puzzles. What I am looking for is a puzzle to move a ladder from one room to the other. Climb up the ladder to find a crowbar to break open a door. I can...
  6. Walking through a object

    Well i just started playing this game, and im having fun playing it. But i kinda want to start a event that require to walk through a object (that can not be walked through). Yes i found out that i can turn all item of that sort into passage (walk through). The thing i want is to walk through...

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