1. l8rose

    L8rose's MZ Edits

    RPGMaker MZ Edits Available for Commercial and Non-Commercial provided you own RPGMaker MZ. No credit to me necessary but other standard RPGMaker MZ credits are required. Note: Spiderwebs aren't edited but free for use in the gravestone's cases. These are mostly just recolors made for the...
  2. Joy

    Futuristic Tiles - Spaceship Interior

    As I was digging into my files to recompile an old game from a rapid development contest from waaaaay back, found this old spaceship tileset I cobbled together and did what I think are some neat edits. Most of the walls include transparent sections to make use of parallax layers below the map to...
  3. Vis_Mage

    [Ace] Help setting up a few skills with Yanfly's Lunatic Objects

    Hey! :kaohi: I'm hoping someone with a little bit of scripting knowledge could help me creating a few different skill effects with the help of Yanfly's Lunatic Objects script. I don't really know much of anything about scripting, but from what I can tell, I think all of these should be...
  4. Sinalma

    Help with items messages

    Ok so im new in creating games with rpgmakervx ace and my problem is the description of items.(objects) I'm having trouble on how to show messages (longer than the description) so I can show notes, books or so to give hints for the game progress. Anyone please help?
  5. Prellmarc

    How to move object via skill?

    Hi, everyone. I started a prequel to GBA Golden Sun, maybe someone remembers how great that series was. Unfortunately, I absolutely cannot write a good script for the series Field magic. There is the ability Move, which moves an object like a boulder one square in any direction, when the...
  6. Cougarmint

    Cougarmint's RPG Maker Resources

    Hey, everyone! I've been working on releasing free art for Game Designers to use for some time now, and I recently discovered this forum while trying to solve some issues I was having with scripting. I would like to share that art with you as well! I mainly post my stuff on Open Game Art and...
  7. $gameVariables.value(20)._hp works but not $gameVariables.value(20).gainHp(6000);

    Hello, Could you please help me with JS and explain to me why $gameVariables.value(20)._hp = 4000; works but not $gameVariables.value(20).gainHp(4000); ? Should I do something like this ? var tmpActor = new Actor($gameVariables.value(20).actorid); tmpActor.gainHp(4000); Actor is taken in the...
  8. Jonforum

    how to store objects value in var ?

    hi am try to understand a basic notion in JavaScript. If somebody has some clarification. if i has this. //example: i have storing a default permanente array value with a constructor in: $gameSystem.huds.hudsSlot.default = [10,5]; console.log($gameSystem.huds.hudsSlot.default); //...
  9. Michael Caiola

    MC's VE Throwable Objects/YEP Battle Core Engine Patch

    VE Throwable Objects with Yanfly Battle Engine Core Compatibility Patch v1.02p Victor Sant, Michael Caiola Introduction Victor Sant's Throwable Objects is quite an amazing plugin that adds thrown objects like arrows, bullets, boomerangs, bombs, and shurikens to RMMV's battle...
  10. Object event

    Hello everyone.  I just started my very first project and I have a couple of questions regarding the event creation. In the game, the player controls a man. Right at the start of the game, the man's wife calls him and asks him to take a teddy bear up to the daughters room. My question...
  11. Kino

    RPGMaker MV ES6 Part 1 : Objects

    Introduction When developing plugins in RPGMaker MV (RMMV), there are two things I tend to use often. Those two things would be arrays, and objects. Objects are the focus of today’s post. In RMMV, objects are used for a couple purposes: namespacing, holding data, being used as a class. All of...
  12. MusicWizard

    Pulsing glow-effetct for Objects / Events.

    Hello folks. I would love to see a JS that makes objects glow with a pulsing effect in the darkness like "an magic orb in a dark room" or "Firefly in the wilderness in total darkness". Would that be possible to code? I think other would like that function too for various projects. Thanks...
  13. PotionDose

    Getting An Object That is Not a Player to Move?

    As the title says I am trying to get an object to move that is not an actor like a bush that the player can still stand on. I've tried using the define movement route but it wouldn't move. I also tried Customizing autonomous movement but still, no luck. Thanks in advance! :D
  14. FuryDr00d

    How to make sprites and objects.

    I would like to make personal sprites and objects. Which program would I do this on? I'm kinda broke right now, so I would like a free program. I have a windows. So I have MS Paint. If that is a program. Please explain who I could use them too. Thank you!
  15. How to pick up and carry objects?

    Hi, I'm new to RPG maker and was just wondering, how can I allow my character to pick up, carry, and drop an object wherever they please, like a box for example?
  16. Koi

    How to make a character walk behind an object?

    I have never found a way to do this. Also, there is a problem with the transparency in my custom tilesets. I make my tilesets just like all of my other files, with a green background that I set as transparent when importing them to the resource manager, which then of course turns into the blue...

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