1. ItsAri

    Lynn as a P5 sprite

    Been down a hole of Persona recently so here's art of my OC as a Persona 5 Sprite
  2. RK DracoRoy

    OC Face Request: More accurate depiction

    Resource Type: Front + Long Hair, Tiara, Face (Eyes, Nose, Lips with variations) Maker Format: RPG Maker MV Art Style: Default MV style Description: This is about my Fire Emblem OC and I am wanting to accurately depict her. The faceset I have for her doesn't accurately show her all that well...
  3. KayZaman

    OC Characters Introduction

    Hi, everyone.  Previously, I already introduced myself in Introduction/Farewell Post. Thanks for Andar for the moderation. Here, I want to introduce my OC characters, Suzuki and Megumi Also, you can introduce your OC characters whether in RM World or other.
  4. 2 Sprite Requests

    Hello! I wanted to ask if anyone could make a regular Walking VX ace sprite of her http://sta.sh/025wvypubtpv and her http://sta.sh/055q9ky7mva please? :) Thank you so much! :D If you have any questions feel free to tell me~

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