1. NotADev

    RMMZ OcRam_Star_Tile_Fix: Tiles not displayed as intended

    This issue does apply when using a fresh project of MZ v1.6.1 I'm using the OcRam_Star_Tile_Fix plugin that renders star passable tiles above/below the player depending on said player's y-position. I'm having some issues however with how the tiles are appearing when playing. The plugin makes...
  2. OcRam

    RMMZ JS with only 6 characters!

    Hello fellow RPG Makers! As title says it's possible to write working JS code with only 6 characters (not saying it's efficient way)! But basically you execute any JS with []()+! characters. Why? Because we can :) ...and to learn JS in rather 'primitive' level, it takes a lot of knowledge to...
  3. OcRam

    OcRam_Map_Editor (edit maps in-game!)

    Introduction Unlike my other plugins this plugin won't need OcRam_Core in order to work. This plugin provides autotiling (and B-E tiling) in-game for your RPG Maker projects! Enable autosave/load for edited map data with 1 plugin parameter! OR then just do it with custom logics and disable...
  4. jbgs

    RMMV OcRam Weather EX + Alpha NETZ multiplayer synchronization

    I'm making a multiplayer game with the Alpha NETZ plugin and I want to use the OcRam Weather plugin, but when I test the game in multiplayer, each player has a different weather on the map. Is there a way to sync OcRam Weather for all players? It's very important to me. Thank you in advance!
  5. Dolorre

    RMMZ OcRam Time System - Clock Elements are not Showing

    I just purchased OcRam's Time System for MZ, and noticed that the Clock elements under Show clock on map do not, in fact, show up on the map. The time shows up, but the Clock elements do not. I'm trying to get the month, day, and year to show up under the clock. Here's a picture of one of the...
  6. OcRam

    RETRO Plugin Command UI

    Hello all RPG Makers out there! One day Drakkonis came up with an idea that MV should need plugin command UI similar to MZ! AND NOW IT DOES! Please note that this tool is made for RETRO (v0.10 and above) link to thread...
  7. OcRam

    RMMV OcRam -plugins demo project (for MV)

    SYNOPSIS Here you can download demo project which will introduce all of my RMMV plugins! In case of bugs please provide screenshot from console (push F8 or F12) and description where it came from. For example OcRam_Passages is demonstrated widely in this project (with secret passages, doorways...

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