1. Insydnis

    RMVXA The Legend of Relic

    https://insydnis.itch.io/the-legend-of-relic I made the mistake of releasing this game out of excitement, back in August...And now that i've looked at it from countless angles i have majorly improved the game alot and made it even more unique and appealing. The Legend of Relic. A tale of...
  2. RPG_Lover

    I decided to Return!!!

    Hey there, If any of you from the old rpgmakervx.net Forum...Well I hope you remember me, I am RPG_Lover (Demon of the Forum) I just wanted to make that little announcement that it is the real me. I am the Same RPG_Lover from back in the old community and I would like to see some old faces if...
  3. Lord Vectra

    FREE Artist Needed for Proj, World of Chaos.

    World of Chaos is a game of mine that is being created using Rpg Maker Vx Ace. It is an RPG Fantasy game. Summary You play as an orphan farmboy in Faerynel City who has his grandmother live with him, a famous one at that. He was bestowed the blessing of the Holy God to become the Hero of Chaos...
  4. Lord Vectra

    Rise of the Fiend Lord!!!!... Hi, I'm new here ^_^

    Hello, everyone. Technically, I am new. By technically, I had an account and posted a post many many years ago, forgot about it, made another, had a mod combine the two. Vectra is not my real name but I use this name when playing games. I got the idea of the name od Spectra, my favorite...
  5. GoodSelf

    Legendary Legend: Dawn Of Legends [Legendary Edition]

    You are a Legend - a tried and true hero (or villain) who probably has saved the world (or destroyed it) at least twice by now. But a new dawn has come and a new challenge awaits you - a dangerous arena brawl filled with deadly monsters to fight and fearsome bosses to overcome. Your...
  6. SV Battlers without animation

    Hello, new to this whole 'make games' activity. I'm making a project which can be explained as "Pokemon but with toys instead of animals" so the game has A LOT of playable characters but they do not need to move in SV Battles as they basically are figurines.  Is there a way to NOT have to...
  7. Majorworm

    The Adventures Of Steve

    The Adventures Of Steve is...well...Steve going on at an adventure. Steve has woken up in an unknown place lol so original and needs to save Pootis Land from the Demon King. Basically your classic RPG Maker Game (EDIT: The project is cancelled until i decide to continue it.)...
  8. jsn2001

    Game of Thrones?

    Apologies if this is in the wrong place, but has anyone made a good GoT game in RPGMaker? I've looked around but haven't seen any, but that can't be right, the show would work amazingly as a turn-based RPG! [Minor Game of Thrones spoilers below!] Imagine fighting the Boltons on the bridge...
  9. Khayalan

    Thread Of Life - Khayalans Project

    Welcome to my Birthday-Bash Project It is named "Thread of Life"   Concept Youve got a Thread of Life... Every Interaction with NPCs,Chests or other things costs you a part of it, when it is 0 or below GAME OVER :) In Battles you dont lose instantly if you die, you just...
  10. Mr. Trivel

    Dark Room Covers

    Name: Dark Room Covers Version: 1.1 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-02-17   What does it do? Allows to show and hide regions.   Video:   How to use? Everything is set up using Plugin Commands. And we have a couple of those: RegionReveal...
  11. Fight of Hero

    I was working on this for 3.5 months. Finally project has finished.  Features: -Purchasable houses -Good open world -Climate system -Time system -Different missions -Had a story Price: $3.00 Website: www.creativegiantentertainment.esy.es Why esy.es? I don't have any studios to develop a...
  12. Orgaya

    Oh God the amount of hellos and cheeky introductions will overshadow my own

    This is not a unique introduction.  Do not get your hopes up, you who reads introductions and considers themselves a connoisseur of such.  I am simply putting these words here for storage until I need them at a later date.  That and so I can ingratiate myself into this community before I upload...
  13. Line of sight battles.

    Alright, a part of my game has a room where the enemies are other sprites that walk up to you when they see you and say something. Then, after when you win the battle, the person (hopefully) will be in the damage form of their sprite and will say one last thing. How do I go about doing this? I...
  14. Zephyr: World of Life [ ALPHA DEMO v1 DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE]

    Welcome to the Zephyr: World of Life topic. We are in need of your assistance. I can't develop this game by myself so I am in need of some staff members to help me out! If you go to the link below, it will redirect you to the gaming website. NewbGamingZ is the gaming company of this game. Of...
  15. shiori4me

    Is there a difference between tasteless pornography and adult themes with game development?

    Various scripts say you're allowed to use them as long as the game isn't pornographic/etc, but the reason I don't understand. Sex, violence, and taboo concepts are a part of life. To exclude and avoid them in a setting that would normally call for such things would limit things, make it less...
  16. Looking for a 6 Accessory Equip System

    Greetings Scripter, or is it Scriptor?     I am looking for an Equipment System much like that of League of Legends.  In case you haven't played the game before, what I am looking for is simple. What I need is for a character to have 1 Weapon which is permanently equipped (RMXP provides this)...
  17. Pititia12

    Pack Chars League of Legends [09-01-14] [6%]

    What is it? Is it just a package of chars of electronic game League of Legends for those who like and / or need to use. Simple chars, made ​​by a boy who is still learning Pixel Art, so do not expect anything complex and sophisticated. What I want with it? I want you, beginners, use them to...
  18. RenegadeForce

    Changing The Position of The Camera

    Hey Everybody! I was wondering if it were possible to change the X and Y cordinates of the camera view... If it is please help me out because I really need it for one scene in my game... I appreciate all help and also if it is a script it doesn't matter! I'll use what I can get! THANK YOU...

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