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  1. Davox

    What are the most common traps newbie developers tend to fall for while making a project?

    I'm in the making of my first medium project, i usually try to do so much and make many mechanics that the ambition of making a big game makes me feel so tired, that i leave it eating dust for months before continuing. This time i'm making things slower, i started writing my world's lore in a...
  2. Tonko

    Your favorite (discontinued) game?

    I think that all of us have spent hours, days, weeks, months and years on games that were eventually discontinued forever . When this happens, many feelings cross our hearts; Sadness, anger... Or maybe just nostalgy. You know what they say; don't cry because it's over. Smile because it...
  3. eat beans

    Help me with Poetry

  4. callmedan

    ASP.NET or PHP?

    I'm about learning web programming next semester and I'm surprised that there's only ASP.NET in the curriculum of my university. And it seems PHP is more popular. I'd like to ask which one is better, can anyone here let me know?
  5. Luck Of Kurisu Saimon Des

    Who Likes Star Wars

    since its star wars year who is pumped about star wars and how it inspires you to make games let me know 
  6. Luck Of Kurisu Saimon Des

    Whats your favorite fast food

    Hi everone kurisu here whats your favorite fast food? please let me know  may the  force be with you
  7. Luck Of Kurisu Saimon Des

    We own The Night

    We own the night so we are night  owls anyone else please be honest  lg
  8. Luck Of Kurisu Saimon Des

    Who Has Guts To Defy Bullies

    As someone who has since childhood  i have become  strong with  exp 100 so who else
  9. Luck Of Kurisu Saimon Des

    Coke Or Pepsi

    Ok so while making your project what do you prefer coke or pepsi? Please let me know  :D
  10. Lunawolfcomics

    What are your pet peeves?

    Hey everyone! So I was at work today making my calls as usual and my co-worker that sits beside me starts to squint her face and sneezes. She didn't cover her mouth and I cringed in disgust haha. We all have at least one pet peeve, so with that said, what are your major pet peeves?  B) Some of...
  11. Jarrad

    Top 5 Songs Currently?

    There are so many different tastes on this forum, I thought it would be nice to share our favorite songs. You can share more if you want to, I won't stop you! 1) I Will Follow you Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie 2) When the Sun Goes Down by...
  12. ThatChillingLittleKiddo


    Do you love puppies and want to hug them? Random Question XD
  13. Conect11

    Treading Lightly Here

    Hello once again,    I know I haven't been around in a minute. Just had to take a break from game making. Getting ready to start up again, and found something, which I won't mention here, as it's a competitor to my favorite engine, RPG Maker VX. It looks familiar, a little too familiar. It's...

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