1. Sharm

    Pixel Myth

    Hey everyone! I thought it'd be nice to have a single spot to talk about the Pixel Myth resource packs, both released and yet to come. Feel free to ask questions, comment on it, give tips on how to use it better, or even make requests. Pixel Myth Packs currently available: Pixel Myth Packs in...
  2. Archeia

    VXAce SP1 Bug Fix

    This was released a while back in the TKool website. While I'm only aware of the bug fix for erase picture, I wasn't familiar of some of the bugs. I'm not sure if some of these bugs are fixed or we have already applied, so for safety's sake...Here you go.  :D...
  3. gregbaby

    Will we get to see an Android expoerter/SDK of any kind in the near future?

    I know this has been asked raised many times, but there's always a bunch of smoke & mirrors and gossip/rumours surrounding this. I have played the Doom & Destiny game, and despite the use of standard crappy RTP engine grahpics the game functions and runs very well and is actually quite good...
  4. NicoB

    [NicoB's Official Let's Play/Try Thread] *REQUEST YOUR GAME HERE*

    @Avvy: I'll probably try it again....I just need to gather up the courage. ; _ ;

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