1. Every game I play that was made using RPG Maker is offscreen to the left

    I recently got a new computer, with Windows 10, and I decided to set it up today, On my old computer (also with Windows 10) I dragged some games made by using RPG Maker that I like into Dropbox and took them out on my new computer. Before every game was done loading into Dropbox on my new...
  2. Sausage_Boi

    Keep NPC events running off screen?

    Hello!  I was wondering if it is possible to make the events in RMMV run while they are off screen, out of the players view. I want a randomly walking NPC, but he only starts moving when the player can see him. How can I make it so they move without the players presence? It was possible in VX...
  3. Move Offscreen

    I have a section in my game where the player is on a conveyor belt and is dodging incoming crates. I had an area where the player couldn't move up or down, I made a couple of crates and set them to move down so that the player has to dodge them, but when I started nothing happened. I then found...
  4. Dacuna

    The Characters Don't Move Offscreen?

    I'm making a fast paced puzzle game, and I have the enemies that move in a certain way. I go into a new event, put its picture in, set a custom move route, then say what happens when I touch it. However, when the enemy is offscreen, it doesn't move at all. If I go up to see it, it moves, but...

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