1. Gabe Denzien

    I need QABS picture commands to be able to have offsets.

    Hello. I currently use QABS for my battle system, and I'm trying to have an animation of a bow pop up when an arrow is shot, because I cannot use per-character pose animations (I suck at drawing). The problem is, the bow graphic and arrow graphic are always placed near the feet of the player...
  2. RPG_itch_Studio

    (front/back base) offset during action sequences (Yanfly's Plugins)

    I am using non default sideview actor/enemy battlers and they have all different sizes. For this reason it is almost impossible to align every actor battler with every enemy battler during action sequences (battles with different actors and enemies). Most of the times the actor appears...
  3. Script to change the offset of PCs/NPCs?

    It's pretty self-explanatory... A script to change the offset of characters in X and/or Y values - avoiding changing the offset of stationary objects (doors, lights, switches, etc). For example:
  4. Have an Event interact with an event directly above it

    I need multiple events to either set a switch or erase the event above the triggering event. I am using Yanfly's event copier and it does not work with the "var key = [mapId, eventId, A-D] $gameSelfSwitches.setValue(key, true);" script does not carry over if I am trying to target an event in the...
  5. RPG_itch_Studio

    Plugin that adjusts the animation position of a battler!

    Looking for a plugin where you can offset the animations being played on a specific monster/actor battler. So if the animation is drawing too far up on your battler you could add a notetag to have that animation draw lower. Can this be done without creating animation problems on the other battlers?
  6. Amarok

    Removing forward offset in SV battles?

    Im doing a experiment with some new sprites and i really need to remove this feature (you know the little forward advance the sprites make when its their turn), any ideas how this could be achieved?
  7. kz13

    Offset camera focus

    Hi all! Help me please change camera focus. By default it focus "to player", but i need focus "to player + 2 tiles to right" (or 4 tiles, i dont know yet). I want to draw some menu on the right side window and i need more space for this.  I used Galv's Cam Control and some other plugin (dont...
  8. LTN Games

    Luna Engine Basics *Tutorial

    I put together the first part of my tutorial, "Luna Engine Basics". Comes with lots of screenshots and visuals to help you understand the basic of basics in luna engine. This specific tutorial has no real detailed hands on tutorials, it is just an explanation of your X, Y, Z coordinates, your...
  9. IMP1

    Pixel Offset

    Pixel Offset 1.0 by IMP1 Pastebin Link Description: Pixel offset allows for events' positions to be altered, so you can make RM's grid less obvious. You can specify for the offset to only be for one page of an event, or for all. Screenshot(s): Instructions: Copy the script from the link...
  10. Proseia

    Importing tilesets--offcenter in selection menu

    Hey folks--I'm super new to RPG Maker and I've just started having some trouble with importing tilesets. For some reason when I imported several fan-made sets today, they're sitting off-center on the grid--poking over and taking up another half a square. So when I try to use the tile, there's an...

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