1. DigitalWF

    Do I still need two audio files (.m4a and .ogg) for android export in RMMZ?

    I'm trying to make the game size as small as possible. Is there a way I can only use one audio file format for both the game to be running on android and PC? Maybe with a plugin?
  2. fireglare

    Small Music Pack - Non-commercial only

    Hey! I'm pretty new here, but I have worked with RPG Maker for a few years now. Anyhow - I produced a few tracks for my games in the past (which have sadly all been scrapped). I recently uncovered some of the original exports of the tracks I made for the games and wish to share them here...
  3. FrozenNorseman

    Looping OGG Background Music

    This is probably a flogged horse, but for all my scouring these boards and looking through various tutorials I cannot, for the life of me, figure out a solution. I have a song that I want to loop. Using audacity I figured out where the loop starts and ends, and have placed down my labels. And...
  4. Kitsunekko

    Failed To Load Audio Cancel 2 [SOLVED]

    While going to play through one of my recently-edited maps to see if it's more accurate to what I want to portray, this error came up on the screen. Pressing space or clicking on it allows me to continue playtesting the game, but it continues to pop up. I believe that the reason for this is...
  5. captainette777

    Audio issues after redownloading game.

    So, let me explain myself. I'm running Rpg Maker MV. I uploaded a dropbox ZIP demo of my game after deploying it for Windows. I disabled encryption for audio and images, then I had the unused files removed. Several days later, I had to go purging my PC of old files, and I accidently deleted...
  6. ScytheX

    need help with making OGG/looping music

    Resource Type: Music/OGG Maker Format: i'm using Ace but i guess it could be considered for all game formats Description: i'm working on making OGG files for looping songs. i know how to do them and i can but i'm kind of bad at it and need a little help. i have a hard time trying to fine loop...
  7. DarkEspeon

    Looping OGG file lags in-game

    I'd like to know how to fix the problem! I've created an OGG vorbis file that loops perfectly, and when I play it with external players like jetAudio it loops seamlessly! But when I import it to RMMV all of a sudden at the very end it lags for a second and the restarts, making a horrible "loop"...
  8. jjbones123

    Trouble importing custom sound effects. Can anyone please help me?

    I'm making a new project in RPG maker MV and was surprised to find out that MV doesn't support Mp3 files when the previous version of RPG maker (VX Ace) did. I've tried deleting the Mp3 file and importing it again but that didn't work. I even tried converting the Mp3 file to a .Ogg or M4A, but...
  9. ovate

    nice_tack's Quest music pack [ogg] - Public Domain

    Depends on the mood. These tracks loop seamlessly. Credit: nice_tack (optional), linking back- http://nicetack.web.fc2.com/index.html (optional) Non-Commercial: Yes Commercial: Yes Repost: Yes Edits: Allowed Repost of Edits: Allowed Download link-...
  10. ovate

    sorayuki's music pack [ogg] - Public Domain

    Probably suitable for cutscenes, events, town, overworld, etc. Credit: sorayuki (optional), linking back- http://sorayuki.s503.xrea.com/ (optional) Non-Commercial: Yes Commercial: Yes Repost: Yes Edits: Allowed Repost of Edits: Allowed Download link-...
  11. ovate

    Sound Effects Pack [ogg] (THE MATCH-MAKERS)

    1) THE MATCH-MAKERS http://osabisi.sakura.ne.jp/m2/ (*This web site are written in Japanese.) 2) I got permission to copy the sound files. (here at RPG Maker Web Forums) 3) User must read and agree "readme_EN.txt" (inside zip) if they want to use the sound effects. Credit...
  12. bladedvoid

    Sound Emitting Events

    Hello. I am developing a cutscene for my game in RMMV, and I think that having this simple script could not only make the cutscene 10x better, but it would also be useful in other areas of the game. I found what I was looking for... in a 4 year old topic, for VX Ace, here. Essentially, it...
  13. Amarysse

    OGG music looping after 1.3.0

    Hello! Updated to 1.3.0 and followed Archeia's helpful instructions to update my project too, and everything seems fine... except for looping music. OGG files with LOOPSTART and LOOPLENGTH tags in them (i.e. most of them) don't seem to be respecting these tags any more, leading to broken loops...
  14. GoodSelf

    Having Trouble converting MIDI to OGG/M4A

    Hey all - back in the day, I use to compose music for RPG Maker VX. Now that I have MV, I wanted to get back into making custom music for my games. However, while the old programs used MIDI files, MV uses OGG/M4A, and I have run into trouble converting my files. When I listen to the...
  15. luckyducky777

    RMMV Free Mp3 Converter turn em into m4a or ogg easy

    Ever had trouble converting mp3's you find or like into m4a or ogg that RPG Maker MV uses. Well no more tears! Here's a solution http://online-audio-converter.com/ You can thank me later =-) Happy hacking!
  16. Empyrean's Music Shop (Open)

    Hi all, I was pretty active with RPG Maker many, many years ago and used to love making music for different projects I was working on. While digging around in my computer, I found a number of old midi tracks that I thought I'd share with anyone who's interested. I'm setting up this shop too...
  17. Flare Gear

    Themes for RPG vol. 1

    Hello guys, I'm happy to announce the release of the first collection of Theme tracks for RPG Maker Games. Themes for RPG vol. 1 are entirely composed and produced by me out of need (and love) for RPG Making. The tracks inside are already in use in my games ("Eledyan: Tower of Enigmas" and...
  18. Looping OGG Files With Intros

    Hello. I'm trying to be able to have OGG BGM loop using metadata defined loop points in RPG Maker XP. This appears to be something that was successfully done in the past. Specifically, there seems to be a script that was written which uses the FMOD audio library to achieve this. It looks like...
  19. Perrotta

    Some free BGM (my first works)

    Hello, I am new here in this forum (but not in the RPG Maker universe). I'm a composer and I'm trying to create music for RPG Maker. It's quite different from the kind of music I'm used to compose (classical music), but I'm enjoying it^^ Here are some works. Feel free to use it for commercial...
  20. Zephro

    Which audio file type(s) should I use?

    As you probably know, RPG Maker MV comes with included audio of 2 types: OGG and M4A. A copy of each type for each audio file. Naturally I want to make my project size the smallest possible, and 2 of every audio file seems unnecessary. I want my project to be played on both PC and any device...

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