1. Zephro

    Which audio file type(s) should I use?

    As you probably know, RPG Maker MV comes with included audio of 2 types: OGG and M4A. A copy of each type for each audio file. Naturally I want to make my project size the smallest possible, and 2 of every audio file seems unnecessary. I want my project to be played on both PC and any device...
  2. porkchoploverboy

    how to change mp3 to .ogg file quickly

    does anyone know a good program to swiftly change all my old music from vx ace(mp3) to .ogg files so i can use them all in mv? its a real pain to change a mp3 file to ogg one by one it takes such a long time and i just need some kinda way to change them all in one trip.
  3. _Shadow_

    TUTORIAL: How to convert music and video files. A tutorial on FFMPEG

    So here comes something new. Forget about expensive converters. Forget about programs that can't export to ogg or whatever you need. This is big so I putted it into a spoiler button. Press it to read it. Here is what you can do: Instead of reading the spoiler, read this pdf file I made...
  4. Shabraxxx

    Shabz' somewhat subtle sounds

    Hello dear reader! Welcome to this thread, in which I, Shabz, share with you my free, self made music collection as well as my fine knowledge of the english language. In case you are familiar with the german language, however, I strongly recommend you to read my original post – it's way...
  5. TravisTouchdown

    Video length glitch

    Dear RPG Maker VX Ace users, I'm Josh from Germany, and new to the RPG Maker universe, or game development in general for that matter. I'm currently working on my first game, which will obviously be non-commercial, and it's intended to be more of an inside-joke title that I'll pass around...
  6. [CLOSED] .OGG Sound effects don't play anymore?

    So today I wanted to work on one of my projects but all my imported sound effects didn't work anymore? All my imported sound effects are in a .OGG format just like the default sound effects. Thanks in advance! --Destrik
  7. nairnebear

    Synchronised map and battle BGM?

    I write my own music and would love for my game to have map and battle BGM that fade between one another as though two parts of one whole. (For example, a melody is playing on the map, a battle starts and the melody continues seamlessly, but now we have battle drums on top and some electric...
  8. Timing and Looping OGGs with LoopTuner

    Necro'd just to say that the fact that the software's GPL'd means that a fan translation of the Kirikiri engine is bound to happen. http://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=Tools#KiriKiri2.2FKAG3 This includes a translated version of the loop tuner! Sadly, it doesn't appear to be fully translated...
  9. Aaron Krogh

    RPG Music Pack - Free Commercial Use

    Friends, I'm sharing my background music resources for free use, including commercial use. There's no need to ask for my permission to use these, but please include me in your projects' credits with my full name, Aaron Krogh. You may download my entire free music collection up to...
  10. Gyrowolf

    Gyrowolf's RPG Maker Music Pack

    Fanfare, please! Because that's what this update is all about! Enjoy! Fanfare001 Fanfare002 Fanfare002-B Fanfare003 Fanfare004 Fanfare005 Fanfare006 Fanfare007 Fanfare008 Fanfare009 Fanfare010

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