1. Okralord

    RMMV Threshold of a Dream

    Check it out! Get it here! http://www.mediafire.com/file/dl5q57pl3truddd/Theshold_of_a_Dream_Master_Quest.zip/file Threshold of a Dream is a classic JRPG style adventure in which two boys find themselves in another world. This game is heavily influenced by both the Final Fantasy and...
  2. Okralord

    Yanfly Victory Aftermath LAG

    HELLO! Yeah, I saw that there was another post about this, but it didn't solve my problem. I'm getting some pretty bad lag during the exp bars part of Victory Aftermath. I've tried changing the sound effect used for the bars, as well as the tick count. Neither of these things has helped. The...

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So after completing the Mass Effect Trilogy the first time as a Vanguard, I decided to replay the trilogy as a Soldier. Thus far, I've just finished the Horizon mission in ME2, and I'm already exhausted from ME2's f**k-awful enemy design.
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