1. Deckiller

    RMMZ Jamie: a dark RPG full of puzzles and intrigue (Coming in December)

    an RPG Maker MZ JRPG by Deckiller "Those touched by the darkness must establish balance with the light...or face certain death." Young Jamie has been cursed by the darkness and ostracized by her deeply spiritual hometown. To find a cure, she and her friend Billy will crawl through some of...
  2. MechScapeZH

    TRADE Testers Needed for Retro Sci-Fi Game (Will Playtest Your Game in Exchange!)

    Hello fellow RPG Creators! I've been working on my game for over a year now, and it's been posted on these forums for a few months. It's in its second demo. I'm about to begin working on my game's third chapter, but I'd really like to get some feedback before I do. I'm really new at game...
  3. Jhale M.

    RM2k/3 Magical Girl Castle (contains Politics and Religion)

    SYNOPSIS Welcome to my first project, Magical Girl Castle. I have given it this name to represent the game as plainly as possible for as many people interested to find it as possible, but this may still be a title in progress. The game is about a gathering of magical girls (and feminine leaning...
  4. Power Master

    Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

    Download link Download the full game here! Synopsis Begin the adventure of a new journey. Take control of your party and save the world as it is once again under attack from the revived wizard, Exitilus. His goal: Obtain all 26 of the wish-granting Gems that reside in the land of Moneo...
  5. alucard8387

    To Ash - Out now for Windows and Mac

    To Ash An RPG by Kyle Ballentine. Do you accept death? Or do you fear it? An old-school RPG made to question your acceptance of mortality. Available here for $5.00 Demo also available with 1st dungeon and 1st town. https://toashgame.wordpress.com/ Genre: Old-school, turn based...
  6. Tale of Telmene (Demo #06, Jan.16)

    (demo #07, updated Jan.26/16) (with RTP / without RTP)   In the land of Telmene, the wind howls, the earth rumbles, the oceans stir, and volcanoes erupt. The world itself seems unwell. The kingdoms of mortalkind have sent their mightiest warriors to investigate...and those who...
  7. Tome571

    The Valley of Ashe - Demo/Feedback

    The idea of this project is to get some skills with RPG Maker, as well as pay homage to the old school RPGs. My original plan was to just use RTP assets, but have decided to go on with some upgrades and will be continuing to do so. With the feedback I've gotten so far, the project has some good...
  8. Tome571

    The Valley of Ashe

    The idea of this project is to get some skills with RPG Maker, as well as pay homage to the old school RPGs. I'd like to use just the original resources available to Ace, and maybe update to MV when it comes out, if compatibility is there. I'd like to see how successful of a project I can make...
  9. orochii

    RMXP Drekirökr - Dusk of the Dragon

    AUTOR: Orochii Zouveleki (Muramasa) GENRE: Light RPG FLAVOUR: Post-apocalyptic Fantasy Sci-Fi ENGINE: RPG Maker XP STATUS: On development - Demo v2018 DOWNLOADS: Itch.io Gamejolt RPGMaker.net DISCLAIMER:This game contains (or will contain) certain references to...

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