old school modern

  1. Platinum_CRuX

    Lofi/Retro/'Chiptune' System Sound Effects [Free/Any use]

    Hi all, recently I started creating a retro-styled RPG, and felt that the system sound effects (cursor, decision, buzzer, etc.) provided in RPG MV/MZ were a bit too modern for my tastes. So, I took the vanilla MZ system effects and ran them through a bit crusher & limiter to create a fresh set...
  2. Emanzi

    [SOLVED] Custom Cartoony Manga Busts

    Hey guys. Been a while... Testing out a hand drawn bust I made. What do you guys think? Does it match the sprite and fit with the style? I’m going for a simple cartoony manga look to fit the characters for Old School Modern resource pack by finalbossblues...
  3. Lonewulf123

    Resizing Request

    Hello all, Long, story short, I need some help resizing my sprites for VX ACe I've decided to take my own shot a creating my own graphics. I've made a template for my sprites so it will be easier (the top left character). I decided to test the animation of the character in the game...
  4. Problem With Old School Modern Tiles

    I seem to be the only person in te world who has encountered this problem... Basically I've created a total of 15 maps so far with the Old School Modern tile set, the first 10 work fine but 11-15 are frustrating me. For some reason I can't move at all. The character just spins in a circle. I've...
  5. Mailbox sprite addon for "Old School Modern" resource pack.

    I really liked the "Old School Modern" resource pack and want to start making little addons for it. I made a simple animated mailbox sprite using the color palette from the "Old School Modern" resource pack so it would match everything on the tileset. Feel free to use this resource in your...
  6. chaucer

    old school modern graphics packs question

    My apologies if this question has been asked before I searched around the forum a bit to see if I could find anything. I might have missed something, anyways I'm interested in buying the old school modern tile sets. The only thing. Stopping me is that it says for vx ace, I do not have vx ace...

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