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  1. sadsaxboy

    Cartoony RTP Request

    Resource Type: Full or at least partially complete RTP Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: Cartoon, something close to Earthbound Description: I'd like to create a game similar to the MOTHER series and I don't have the resources for this. It doesn't need to be 100% identical to the game's...
  2. Scourge

    RMVXA The Seven Seals

    THE SEVEN SEALS A retro RPG with customizable parties inspired by games like Dragon Warrior 3 and 4 and Final Fantasy 5. STORY AND FEATURES SCREENSHOTS CLASSES WORLD MAP DOWNLOAD LINK
  3. IAmJakeSauvage

    RMMV The Azure Isle | IGMC 2017

    Shipwrecked - you end up stranded on a deserted (and probably cursed) island! Find your way home! TAI is a character-focused/exploration driven RPG. Follow our heroes as they search for the answers to questions like: "Why does it never stop rainin' on this island?", "Did that corpse just...
  4. Allan Bays

    RMMV The Deep RPG (Political)

  5. Dyluck

    RMVXA Legends Of Illarion 2: Sins Of The Gods

    ~~~~~ DOWNLOAD ~~~~~ Download link and main website here: https://rpgmaker.net/games/5527/downloads/7142/ https://rpgmaker.net/games/5527/ ~~~~~ NEWS ~~~~~ Feb 25th, 2018: Version 2.070 is now available, featuring full OGG/MP3 audio quality. ~~~~~ SYNOPSIS ~~~~~ Legends Of Illarion 2...
  6. greensdream


    *THE DEMO IS HERE!* Play the *GREEN’S DREAM* demo (PC & Mac) now! Download the demo of *GREEN’S DREAM* now at the gamejolt page! gamejolt.com/games/greensdream/293696 Welcome to XANADU ISLAND, ISLE OF NIGHTMARES! No one is sure how they’ve found themselves here, but a rather UNFORTUNATE...
  7. Simalono

    Old School Music Thread!

    So I kind of wanting a sharing, discussion, and critique of my old school influenced music. As I don't really see a lot of people here making music that reminds me of an RPG at all. I hope there's no offense taken by that but a lot of stuff on here really doesn't feel like video game music. No I...
  8. Sarah79

    RMVXA Arcurrent

    Or at least such is the intro to the game. It is a classic JRPG in style, but I have added a few twists from modern titles to try and add something special. +The weapons are Incomparables, allowing for diversity in approach to battle rather than simple lists of numbers. +I’ve added Persona...
  9. BishoujoHelper

    RMMV The Bard's Lore (a BTCS conversion) - Beta Released

    The Bard's Lore: The Warrior and The Dragon SYNOPSIS: An old-school dungeon crawl is returned from the previous millenium in a new guise. No backstory, no character development, no building interiors. Just one main quest, minimal hand-holding, and unforgiving grinding. If you rage quit...
  10. RMMV The Dean Djinn (early demo)

    Synopsis: The monsters lived secluded in their mountains ever since what happened in the past with the Gods, but the seal holding them weakened and the leader of the monsters, called simply The Djinn, now said he is ready to take over the surface. 4 Heroes each with different motivations band...
  11. Kudaaj330

    RMVXA ~/'`-Ignarus-'`\~

    Content is currently being revamped on this project, more images, videos, etc are to come soon. Trailer Exploring what lies in your own backyard can sometimes lead to great adventures. There is a whole world to be discovered. What this boy finds, is just that. However, some...
  12. wzackw

    Monster Garden: FINISHED

    Monster Garden Now on Steam: Monster Garden is a short but sweet game about walking and talking with monsters. There is no battle system, leveling up, or epic narrative about saving the world - but there IS amusing dialogue and lots and lots of monster love. Meet Mr. Bobo, your...
  13. Sated

    Engalia: Before The Wager

    ENGALIA: BEFORE THE WAGER A PREQUEL TO ENGALIA: THE WAGER! ...::: Storyline and Setting :::... Engalia, a nation steeped in ancient lore that's dotted with uncountable ruins from civilisations passed. Flanked to the north by uninhabitable, snow-covered tundra, and to the south by arid...
  14. Industrial Gamer

    RMVXA A Cure from Reality

    --------A Cure From Reality-------- -------Industrial Robot Games------ This game is an RPG with graphics inspired by Earthbound. In this game you explore a strange land different from what you're used to. Inanimate objects trying to fight? Monsters and other beasts walk the...
  15. Daybreak

    Into the Aether - Playable Teaser

    "LOOK AT YOU..." "ALONE, IN THIS BLACK ABYSS..."       DESCRIPTION: This game is a playable teaser for my upcoming game, Into the Aether. In this short journey, you travel across a world known as the "Deadlands" with a mysterious spirit guiding you along the way...
  16. Walldeaf

    Echo of the Universe

    Echo of the Universe Echo of the Universe is a linear old school RPG with a fast straight forward sideview battle system.   Story: The story evolves around a young boy named: Jake. He and his little sister live in a town called: Laisa, where normally nothing much happens...
  17. PrincessPixel


    Synopsis: Evil threatens the land, a chosen hero must save it. An age-old tale, of heroism and peril. By the power of Gods, Magic, or the blade in their hands, they slay their foes. Kill the dragon, save the princess, and bring peace to the land. Rinse, lather, and repeat. And what is...
  18. the terminator

    Silence! The Elder Speaks *Disclaimer: Cartoon Sexuality*

    Silence! The Elder Speaks is a lighthearted narrative adventure about a small forest hamlet in which a handful of eccentric villagers are kept in line by a stoic, androgynous shaman. Through dialogue and choices, the player crafts a story that takes place over five days.   Silence! is the...
  19. chaucer

    Shave The World

    It's another average day in Retro City, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and people are being transformed into hairy creatures and going on a rampage?! For some reason people are being taken over by the hair on their head, they seemingly are driven by a single goal, find and infect...
  20. whtdragon

    Color cycling effect plugin

    I'm curious to know if it's possible to create color cycling in MV, and have been looking for something like it for awhile without having to resort to animating things manually. Color cycling is a technique used in older games to shift the color palette of a particular sprite or image and...

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