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  1. Clord

    The Clans - Saga of the Twins

      Story Synopsis The story is centered around the two characters called Catz and Kat. Their relationship as the twins in a chaotic world where the clans still rule and a new dangerous technologies have been discovered. They will adventure around the world to face countless adversaries like the...
  2. Cadh20000

    Evan's Journey 2

    Demo only (Need full version of VX Ace to finish it) Size: 189MB 101 maps (includes buildings in that number) Storyline synopsis: Evan, his sister Aina, an their friend R.G. defeated the Beast of Fire (end of the first game) and blacked out. Next thing they know they are waking up on the roof...
  3. Lorenze

    Super Rope War

    DOWNLOAD HERE! DISCLAIMER! This game was created for the 2013 Cleveland Summer Game Jam in less than 48 hours. It's pretty (slightly intentionally, though) unbalanced, very short, and not very pretty in some aspects. However, unless there's a game breaking bug, I won't be working on this again...
  4. Clord

    Kingdom The Clans II - Why vampires, why?

    Big thanks to Seraphim Creations (and Lato) for aiding me with this project. It is a big undertaking after all. What it is? The story follows adventures of Okashi and her loyal brother Kishimura who are in fact playing a new game called “The Clans II” which game out in their city. They want to...
  5. EternalShadow

    Zendir: A New World

    Off the coast of Zendir lies a small island, slowly being eroded away by the sea. On this island, magic is performed in secret for it is frowned upon by the community of the island, who blame it on the failure of their crops. One person in particular - Zaphilia - was chased out of the village...
  6. Clord

    Kingdom - The Clans

    Disclaimer: All the custom graphics apart from the stock RTP and the character portraits are provided and made by Seraphim Creations. We own all the required rights to use them for the various game projects, commercial or not. Please note that every bust will be custom made to have a quality...
  7. Tuomo L

    Save your Mother

    This is outdated topic, new one can be found here https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/save-your-mother-in-stores-again.25158/
  8. LightofthedimVXA

    Light of the Dim VXA - Playable Intro

    Some of you may have heard of this title already, although most of you probably have not. This project has been in development for several years, spanning across three different "makers" since it's inception. I apologize in advance for the lack of screenshots. I haven't converted most of my...
  9. Ratty524

    Tina of the Stars (Complete Version)

    Abstract: Take the role of the cute fairy Tina as she treks across three dangerous worlds to save her fellow fairies! Inspired by the game "Pacman" Genre: Action/Puzzle Engine: RPG Maker XP Download Tina of the Stars Final release v1 Tina of the Stars is an action game with a focus on...
  10. Samven

    Deceit x Justice (Demo now up!)

    I figured it was about time for me to showcase my own game here; so here goes. I've been making Deceit x Justice, my third RPG Maker project, throughout most of my degree course I'm finally almost finished. So, since I have a nice, fat, two-hourish demo upcoming, I figured I'd give you all a...
  11. ArcaneEli

    Esteria Chronicles - The Lost Arc

    I'm going to assume this project is dead.

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