one map challenge

  1. Nowis-337

    RMMZ Magnum Rider Z [One Map Challenge]

    Magnum Rider Z About "Stop right there, criminal scum!" Another villain is causing trouble in the city again. It is up to Magnum Rider Z to give chase before they escape. Justice must be delivered swiftly... at all cost! This short game is an entry to the RPG Maker MZ "You Got It, Now Use...
  2. dreamfall887

    RMVXA Escape The Haunted Forest! [One Map Challenge]

    SYNOPSIS CHARACTERS SCREENSHOTS CREDITS DOWNLOAD LINK ♡ FANART♡ Thank you so much to these users for their amazing fanart! :kaoluv: **Update 1** Fixed some bugs and typos. Thank you everyone for your feedback. :) **Update 2** Game is now available to download on
  3. SolonWise

    RMMV Power Sword (One Map Challenge) Download available!

    “An evil warlock is attacking the Evergreen Kingdom for unknown reasons. Willing to kill many villagers, the warlock had created a dark portal inside a cave at the top of the Mount Parya, and it's up to you to get rid of the foul monsters that are spawning from the portal.” Synopsis Screens...
  4. SolonWise

    RMMV The Mighty Clan (one map challenge) First demo available!

    I will be updating this thread until I finish the game. As the title says, it’s a one map challenge, so I’m making the game with the following rules: One map, 10 variables, 10 switches and 10 events (including common). Synopsis In the city of Adventus there is a big arena where people from all...
  5. hiddenone

    RMMV Reincarnation Assistant (One Map Challenge)

    AKA: A super short game made for the One Map Challenge! Meet Mana. Mana's the new assistant to a Reincarnation God, one of the gods in charge of finding and sending people on isekai adventures. Unfortunately for Mana, her boss is a bit... lazy. And that means that she's stuck doing his...
  6. megumi014

    RMMV Laze, Detective

    : Title: Laze, Detective. Author: Baligabalaga (aka megumi014, I don't know how to change my user name :kaoswt2:) Rating: PG13 (mild swearing, very very bad puns). Genre: Adventure/Visual Novel, Mistery, Detective. Unbetaed. Current project for the One Map Challenge. It's supposed to be a...
  7. Seacliff

    RMMV World of Ruin

    Created for the one map game challenge, World of Ruin attempts to provide a complete adventure while adhering to those limitations. Long ago, a legendary figure failed to stop the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord sends monsters across the world, destroying civilizations and severing the trade paths of...
  8. sleepy_sealion

    RMVXA Dog Quest

    Dog Quest! A game about dogs. A short 20 minute game, made for the one map challenge. And also my first game on the site! Synopsis: You are a dog, and one day, you find yourself mysteriously lost in a strange woods, with no idea how you even got here. What you do know however, is that there...
  9. sapphireLight

    RMMV The Mystic Flower (One Map Challenge)

    The Mystic Flower Hello everyone, My name is Britney, and I'd like to present my first completed RPG Maker MV game called The Mystic Flower. I'm entering it in the "One-Map Challenge" event. SYNOPSIS SCREENSHOTS ONE-MAP CHALLENGE INFO DOWNLOAD LINK Please let me know what you think...
  10. JtheDuelist

    RMMV Downfall FES Prologue: Fyrir Allt (One-Map Challenge Entry)

    Synopsis: Downfall FES Prologue: Fyrir Allt is the prologue chapter of the in-progress game Downfall FES Re:Boot. This game was made for the "One-Map Challenge". This game uses, as per challenge rules, 1 map, 10 events, 9 switches, and 5 variables. Due to these restrictions, this game may...

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