1. kaffe

    RMMV Castle's Labyrinth - A game I made in a day.

    I have a bad habit of starting projects and never finishing them, so I decided to give myself a challenge: make a game to completion within a single day. Well, this is a finished project, for all that it may be. It is not at all what I anticipated making when I started, and it's probably not...
  2. atoms

    Who thought the first two Paper Mario games were really fun games?

    I remember playing them a long time ago now and they are still part of my child memorises. I use to really enjoy the first one and the second one. I played the third one too, I enjoyed it but felt the first two were the best. I never played the others but heard they didn't seem as good. Maybe...
  3. Amarok

    (Solved)Transfer level, equipment and skills from one actor to another

    Hello there, im guessing there must be a way to do this, even trough eventing but i cant figure it out. Anyone knows how to achieve this? As a bonus, would also be possible to transfer the name of actor? (i mean a custom one given trough the name char command) Thanks in advance! :)
  4. Lord Vectra

    Can't do it in one run?

    I'm currently working on my XP project. I'm adding guilds and all that jazz and some of them have requirements of joining and them requirements may get higher and higher as you get deeper in the guild. I'm thinking of going with "you can't be the leader of everything" approach meaning you'll...
  5. Vetmora

    Wait event command - make it affect one event not all

    Having trouble trying to figure out how to make an event wait instead of all events when using the wait command. I have an event that when a variable = 2 then it waits 200 frames before switching the variable to 0 where it can then move again. However the wait affects the player as well as this...
  6. GoodSelf

    A $1.00 Game

    Hello folks! While I'm working on my large, non-commercial game, I've come up with countless ideas for other projects. The idea is, to make a short, commercial game, and only sell it for $1.00 I want to get some community feedback  :D  here are some questions for ya! 1. How long should a...
  7. Neverward

    So many Parallax JS's... which to choose?

    Hello there. So programmers are making a lot of JavaScripts that help us Parallax, and it's very awesome and I'm excited to work with them. But because there's so many I'm having a hard time figuring out which one is right for what I need. People seem happy with most of them, but I was wondering...
  8. Neverstarstudios_Dev

    One Dead Night Project

    I need Help from you guys I have been working on trying to make a game for a long time but ya know its kind hard being only one dev The game is going to be free and I am just doing this for fun. The game revolves around a student from Blackpine University she is a junior and has been bullied for...
  9. Geek Burrito

    Make only one party member fight at a time

    Hi everyone! I'm new to RPG Maker and the community in general. I've been dreaming of making a game that everyone can enjoy, and I want to spend the next couple years of my life working on it. But first I need a bit of help.  The battle system for this game is similar to pokemon at it's most...
  10. MeowFace

    Event triggers Event

    Made for a request here. This allows an event with a name tag <eet> to trigger another event with name tag <eer> it came into collision with. Features: [1] Event triggering another Event [2] Able to check who triggered the event [3] Able to set up conditional branches to have different...
  11. MeowFace

    Single Save File System

    Made a script that required one save file system in the request board awhile back and found an urge to make the whole one save file script. So here it is! Single Save File System!     Features: [1] Able to change the default save file name to whatever you want. [2] Save/Load without the need to...
  12. PhoenixX92

    How to have two boats on one map?

    How do I go about putting a boat down in two areas on the same map? I have two closed in bodies of water, and I'd like to be able to have a different one in each place. Just an example picture there, the bodies of water would be completely separated from the deep waters, so the same boat nor...
  13. Zacyia

    A forum Beginners Question!

    Ok, I'm guessing this has been asked before but here goes: How do I make a spoiler? That thing that can hide or show information? I warned you! Beginners Question!
  14. New to RPG Maker, need to change actor's graphic in one room only

    Hello there! First of all, I'm as new as new can be to this whole thing. I have no knowledge of any kind of scripting or programming, but I'm trying my hardest to make this work! I'm artsy and creative, but technology is far from my strong points. So please bear with me. ^^; Here's my issue...
  15. Kikkerman

    Single map item shop for entire game

    Hey everybody, this is my first post, I couldn't find an answer to the problem elsewhere so I hope it hasn't been asked yet. -----Goal------ I would like to have all 4 maps to go to the same item shop, but upon leaving, return to the map they were previously on. ----Situation---- The...
  16. TheDrifter

    Penalties for not wielding weapon with 2 hands

    Greetings, In my project, I'd like to add more realism to weapon wielding. I'd like to use tags in the noteboxes of weapons and shields to give bonuses and penalties for wielding equipment with only one or two hands, depending on each item. For example, John likes swords. Wielding a Longsword...

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