1. Undermax

    RPG MAKER MZ Plugin: "OnlineTextMZ"

    OnlineTextMZ This plugin will allow you to obtain information from a text from a RAW URL and embed it into your game, enabling you to use that information as you wish. Features Very useful if you want to, for example, implement an online news system for your game, or update news. The changes...
  2. Asking player's e-mail address

    Is there a function on RPG maker which asks players to input their e-mail address? and the game owner can receive that information automatically? Looking to get feedback from the players, if possible. Thank you,
  3. Hyouryuu-Na

    Online save backup using events

    Hello ^^ I've been working on this online save backup system for quite some time now. It turned out pretty good and it's highly customizable since it is fully evented. Want a demonstration? Before I get to the explanations, there's some things you should know: What is this? -->This is an...
  4. peq42_

    How to make a basic multiplayer online system with websockets

    Introduction Today we will go over making a very basic multiplayer online system using websockets. This is usually a topic that many people struggle with, because it usually involves installing many things, dealing with heavily written plugins and libraries, etc and most people that create...
  5. Stem

    Is there an Online Trading System?

    Hello everyone! I am hoping to develop an online game, and to make it entertaining, I have decided to add a trading system. This is obviously very odd to create, however, I have an online game already functioning, I suppose. If there has been a plugin similar to this already created, please...
  6. Warrior_Corporation

    RMMV: Is there a plugin for the player power to play only with the internet connected?

    By default, the player does not need internet to play some game made in RPG Maker MV, is there any way to deploy it? Some players play with the internet off to show no ads, is there any plugin or configuration so that the player can only play if the internet is connected?
  7. ??????

    Game Highscore Hosting

    Hey there <3 For those who don't know me, I am a fairly proficient programmer and have written many apps and plugins and such. Recently, I have been toying around with the idea of offering people hosting of highscore lists for their games. I have already written plugins, scripts and dll's in...
  8. Isabella Ava

    MV Online Core server running error?

    Please close this thread. No longer needed
  9. How do I port an RPG XP script to a VX ACE or MV?

    As far as I know, there are RPG XP online scripts made by Koreans in 2011. The author's site has disappeared, but I know that a Korean community can still get scripts. Is it possible to port this script to an RPG VX ACE? (Although available at http://cafe.naver.com/xpcafe/163373, bug fixes...
  10. Black Mamba

    Online Layout Sugestion

    Just a sugestion of layout for a online system.
  11. Ruby 1.8.1 (No SSL support)

    Helping with the game development and we are doing some online features...the issue is I have ssl enabled on my site and also rewrites (which pretty much forces https) and the version of ruby in RPG Maker XP is 1.8.1....SSL support for ruby was introduced in 1.8.7....is there any way that we can...
  12. Nelderson

    Nelderson's MV Online Core

    Nelderson’s MV Online System 0.2.0 Introduction This system is designed to make a stable and secure online connection from your game to a server of your choice. Modules and plugins are still being developed for all sorts of different online uses. So far I have made modules that include; a...
  13. Fumetsujo

    Multiplayer and MMO Server (quasi real-time)

    Hi peeps, I've worked on a way to make Rpgmaker MV work in multiplayer. This with built-in chat & seeing other players.  You are allowed to do with it whatever you want, but if it's a commercial project do mention my name "Fumetsujo" please.  Info:  Fumetsujo multiplayer/MMO Server...
  14. Nelderson

    Nelderson's Online Core

    Nelderson's Online Core EDIT 1/24/17:  Github Repo | Tutorial Walkthrough Hi Everyone! 2016 ended and still no online system.  So as a resolution I decided to loose weight and remake my prototype Passive MMO project into something more usable by the community.  I decided to...
  15. MadCorvo

    MMO Engine for RPG Maker MV made with socket.io

    Hello guys! I'm here to announce that im developing a free and open MMO plugin for rpg maker MV. I'm a nodejs developer with backend javascript knowledge but little to no knowledge of the RPG Maker MV plugin architecture. So far, I've been able to make the game comunicate to a server and send...
  16. LUC1G07CH1

    Trying to to make an Online RPG

    Hello! I just wanted to make a semi-sequel to my game,which new cats join the roads and you may also talk with other cats and even friend other cats! But i actually have found an script to make it,but i have no idea of how to install it (sorry,but text tutorial isn't for me ¬¬ ). So,can someone...
  17. I wanna play my RPG, but im not sure if this is the programm I need

    At first, I'm from Spain, so please forgive my bad english. I'll do my best with it. I am an eingenieering student, and I have some programming knowledgements (C, C++, Java...). I wanna make an online RPG, playable both on my Android and my PC. Togheter. ¿Can I make it with some of...
  18. Medieval Cop 1 & 2

    The funny and Sarcastic Cop in the Medieval Times. Join the hilarious adventure where he seeks the truth even though all he wants to do is watch the world burn. Episode 1 : The death of a lawyer : http://www.kongregate.com/games/VasantJ/medieval-cop Episode 2: The True Monster ...
  19. shadow7396

    Host an online game on ur own site.

    hey does anyone know how i can host an online server using rpg maker and my own site?
  20. ??????

    Online Highscores

    DMV Online Highscores By Dekita Introduction: This system allows unlimited online highscore lists to be within your game. These lists can be ordered a number of ways. There isnt really much to say on what this does, cause I am fairly sure everyone knows what an online highscore list is...

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