1. hian

    Attack on Titan tribute Game

    Anyone else play this game? I'm giving it a go, and so far it's pretty entertaining. game: http://fenglee.com/game/aog/ forums: http://fenglee.com/forum/index.php game-play from an older version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DV2OAgm-IOw#t=429 Essentially, it's like this weird 3d...
  2. Script Request - Window Chat

    Hi All There could help to make Online Chat Window? For Rpg Maker vx ace I Already Look it up on google but no ... :headshake: Sample Photos : [NETPLAY XP] please the master coder to answer requests from my script :)
  3. Script Request - Online System

    Hi. I'd love to make rpg maker vx ace online but I do not have it .. I would like to request an online script complete like login register Guild pvp Chat window Bazzar Shop Owner friend And even more I've been looking for it but no, there only for rpg maker xp and vx alone ..... :headshake...
  4. ProMMOPlayer

    Monster MMORPG - Are you guys playing ? My quick intro - Pokemon alike game

    Hello everyone. I would like to make a quick introduction to one of my favorite games. This game is called as Monster MMORPG (http://www.monstermmorpg.com/) and it is totally free to play. All in game items and other stuff can be obtained without paying a single penny. It is browser based and...
  5. makorn645

    Is there an online Script?

    Is there an online system script that lets you do such as : Register/Login,Trade items,PVP,Minigames,Guild,Leaderboards,Messaging?
  6. Criazika

    Custom Menu Interface

    Hello, to make things short, I am making a Sword Art Online inspired game, and I need a menu. This is an edit so that I can make it clearer that I need a menu. Example: http://s1268.photobu...6ba90a.jpg.html Resources: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2aamzsjb3lz47v4/SAO.rar (As no one...
  7. Create play D & D-Help

    Hello   I'm thinking of buying the RPG Maker, but I want to know if I can do what I have in mind.   1 - It would be a fighting game with turn-based RPG   2 - Serious online where 5 people would play at the same time     I would be the DM in a world pre-generated for me. As I DM, is...
  8. QualityHD

    Online servers

    Hey guys Is it possible to make an rpg with rpgmaker vx ace with hosted severs that can hold a limited about of people, so players can play as in pvp? I don't mean host it on your computer but other websites that host servers that you pay for.
  9. Making an MMO?

    Ok...  So, I am new here and I figured this was as good a place as any to put this question... Is it possible to use RPG Maker VX Ace to make a MMO?  A buddy of mine and I want to design a MMO and it looks like RPG Maker is the software we want to use. I didn't see anything about this listed...
  10. Yuki Harada

    Need a Sprite...

    Hi I need a sprite in a fishing position, male please. I need it for my game as an NPC because I don't bind well in the art realm. Sooooooo yeah... Thanks!! Yuki
  11. Alexkymovie

    Multiplayer for RPG Maker VX Ace

    Hello, Recently I've been thinking about developing a multiplayer game with VX Ace. I understand that it will require a massive amount of scripting, and that it will be very time-consuming. I have realized that there aren't any good multiplayer scripts out there, if any.  I'm wondering if...

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