1. RicoRob

    Keep icon opacity when an item is unusable?

    When an item is not consumable, the text opacity is reduced so it looks grayed out. The thing is that the icon is also affected by that (as I figure they are both drawn together in the code). Would it be possible to change that behavior, but only for the icons? I'd like the text to still remain...
  2. partypooper123456

    How to change battle menu opacity

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to change the opacity on the battle menu, right now it looks something like thisI My goal is to make the character select window and fight/escape window have a solid background but i have no idea how to achieve this, Thanks in advance
  3. FAWKS

    RMMZ [HUD Maker Ultra] Change transparency when actor is close?

    As the title says, does anyone who uses or has used HUD Maker Ultra for RMMZ know how to make it so that the transparency will change when the player gets close to the overlay edge? As it stands, I have an HP bar running along the right side of the screen, but in some maps the player is able to...
  4. RMMV How do I change the opacity of the battle log window at the start of the battle?

    So I wanted my battle log to look more like a window so I looked around and found a "half solution" I guess which basically makes the window appear once something is written in it by going into the rpg_windows.js file and changing the opacity to 255. What I want is the window to appear...
  5. Why is text in the tex box faded?

    Hi! I'm making my first project, and I found the error on the text box. I put the event on this position for looking the map. In the 5th floor the text is normal, but when I go down and look the map on the 4th floor. The text are faded, but when I look at the floor map again(didn't go to...
  6. Battle Window Opacity

    Hello, all! Thank you in advance for your help, I've tried searching forums for a similar topic but I admit I'm not even sure what terms I would be looking for (as searching for "window opacity" on it's own warrants hundreds of results). I'm wanting all the windows in my game to have no...
  7. PlanetTzero

    RMMV change the Opacity Battle status?

    Hello i search for a Way to change the opacity only for the battle status? is there a way to change that, with adding a script or something?
  8. remainderstudios

    change opacity message box and choices

    Hi everyone. I am using a script that allows to change the opacity of the message boxes so it doesn't look dark when player is on a dark map that uses shadows and highlights. example: I use Khas Awesome Light Effects. Script to change opacity of message box (window skin)...
  9. nathanlink169

    RMMZ Opacity of Text and Images

    Hi all, I have the following bit of code which is present in an Update method for a Window: this._currentCharacterData = this._characterQueue.shift(); const x = 40; const y = 58; this.drawCharacter(this._currentCharacterData.name, this._currentCharacterData.index, x, y)...
  10. Can't Change Menu Opacity

    I am using Yanflys core plugin set to 255 max but it doesn't get rid of the slight opacity, I want it to be completely solid. Also, I was using the YEP Options Core plugin, which lets you change the color of the menu, which I suspect might have caused the problem because when I uploaded my...
  11. Madre_Joshua

    State that changes opacity upon running out? Animation on running out state finishing?

    I have a state that is essentially supposed to make a character disappear from combat for X turns. The skill that applies this state changes the targets opacity to 0 and the state makes it so they cannot move or be targeted. However, the problem is that I am not sure how to change the opacity...
  12. ovate

    Picture Transition with Demo

    Picture Transition 2014-09-24 Creator name: lctseng Introduction Show picture from left and right that slide, transparent, and slide out with script call. Features -Effects are done through script calls. -Picture can be in front or behind the text box. -Picture appears with a fade-like...
  13. Pastel_Panda

    Adjusting Combat Log Opacity?

    So I'm trying to make a more retraux looking game with VXA, and I've been slowly but surely tweaking menus and the like to achieve such a look. However, I can't for the life of me figure out how to adjust the opacity of the combat log, nor the color. None of the code in Window_BattleLog seems...
  14. captainproton

    (Yanfly) State Effecting Opacity

    Okay, so, working with the Yanfly suite of plugins, and taking some cues from their tutorial on doing the FF Dragoon-style Jump attack (or, Pokemon-style Fly attack), I managed to work out how to create a Blur/Hide/Stealth skill/state which actually changes the sprite's opacity. This is what I...
  15. CuddleFox

    Menu back opacity / Equipment menu call

    Hi, I have two problems with Ace. As indicated in the title. Since these are two problems that I think the solution is simple, but I don't know it, I only make one post about them. First problem: I program a custom menu, I would like to make the player choose an actor to open his equipment...
  16. Levolpehh

    Opacity State

    Trying to make a stealth state that changes the users opacity.. can't seem to figure out how to do it. Been trying to use the <Custom Apply Effect> and <Custom Leave Effect> tags from Buffs & States core and have tried all kinds of combinations of this/user/battler/gameActor.actors(...) etc.. &...
  17. gabicho

    "Select Key Item" menu opacity

    Hello! I was wondering if there was a way to have a separate opacity setting for the "select key item" menu that pops up in an event? I'm using a custom item menu script (Seiryuki's CATEGORIZE ITEM SCENE) that changes the opacity settings for the item screen on the menu which makes it completely...
  18. Boonty

    [Solved]Window Transparency with MOG_Background

    Hello guys, I have got another minor issue that I would like to submit to you. I use MOG_Menu Background and SRD_AltMenuScreen_IconCycle plugins to create my menu. Here are the links : http://sumrndm.site/ams-icon-cycle/ https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-menu-background/ My problem is...
  19. Check to see if character is unaffected by state error

    Hello!! So what I'm trying to do is during a random turn in combat, check to see if one of my characters is unaffected by a specific state and, if so, add that state during that turn. This is what I tried just to see if it works: But for some reason I keep getting this error: Not exactly...
  20. Kemezryp

    Script call that will change image opacity without moving it?

    Title says everything, but if someone is interested in my problem: I'm trying to make a nice title screen for my game. Selected option is highlighted by 2 images shown on this picture: Both of them move at the same time when player presses up or down to change an option, but the white one is...

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