1. Can't Change Menu Opacity

    I am using Yanflys core plugin set to 255 max but it doesn't get rid of the slight opacity, I want it to be completely solid. Also, I was using the YEP Options Core plugin, which lets you change the color of the menu, which I suspect might have caused the problem because when I uploaded my...
  2. Captain_Joshua

    State that changes opacity upon running out? Animation on running out state finishing?

    I have a state that is essentially supposed to make a character disappear from combat for X turns. The skill that applies this state changes the targets opacity to 0 and the state makes it so they cannot move or be targeted. However, the problem is that I am not sure how to change the opacity...
  3. tale

    Picture Transition with Demo

    Picture Transition 2014-09-24 Creator name: lctseng Introduction Show picture from left and right that slide, transparent, and slide out with script call. Features -Effects are done through script calls. -Picture can be in front or behind the text box. -Picture appears with a fade-like...
  4. Pastel_Panda

    Adjusting Combat Log Opacity?

    So I'm trying to make a more retraux looking game with VXA, and I've been slowly but surely tweaking menus and the like to achieve such a look. However, I can't for the life of me figure out how to adjust the opacity of the combat log, nor the color. None of the code in Window_BattleLog seems...
  5. captainproton

    (Yanfly) State Effecting Opacity

    Okay, so, working with the Yanfly suite of plugins, and taking some cues from their tutorial on doing the FF Dragoon-style Jump attack (or, Pokemon-style Fly attack), I managed to work out how to create a Blur/Hide/Stealth skill/state which actually changes the sprite's opacity. This is what I...
  6. CuddleFox

    Menu back opacity / Equipment menu call

    Hi, I have two problems with Ace. As indicated in the title. Since these are two problems that I think the solution is simple, but I don't know it, I only make one post about them. First problem: I program a custom menu, I would like to make the player choose an actor to open his equipment...
  7. Levolpehh

    Opacity State

    Trying to make a stealth state that changes the users opacity.. can't seem to figure out how to do it. Been trying to use the <Custom Apply Effect> and <Custom Leave Effect> tags from Buffs & States core and have tried all kinds of combinations of this/user/battler/gameActor.actors(...) etc.. &...
  8. gabicho

    "Select Key Item" menu opacity

    Hello! I was wondering if there was a way to have a separate opacity setting for the "select key item" menu that pops up in an event? I'm using a custom item menu script (Seiryuki's CATEGORIZE ITEM SCENE) that changes the opacity settings for the item screen on the menu which makes it completely...
  9. Boonty

    [Solved]Window Transparency with MOG_Background

    Hello guys, I have got another minor issue that I would like to submit to you. I use MOG_Menu Background and SRD_AltMenuScreen_IconCycle plugins to create my menu. Here are the links : http://sumrndm.site/ams-icon-cycle/ https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-menu-background/ My problem is...
  10. Check to see if character is unaffected by state error

    Hello!! So what I'm trying to do is during a random turn in combat, check to see if one of my characters is unaffected by a specific state and, if so, add that state during that turn. This is what I tried just to see if it works: But for some reason I keep getting this error: Not exactly...
  11. Kemezryp

    Script call that will change image opacity without moving it?

    Title says everything, but if someone is interested in my problem: I'm trying to make a nice title screen for my game. Selected option is highlighted by 2 images shown on this picture: Both of them move at the same time when player presses up or down to change an option, but the white one is...
  12. Request for a state colour changing script

    I was wondering if someone could make a script that you put a RGB colour code or percentage for opacity in a state notebox and it tints and changes the opacity of whoever has the state effected to them. This is for a non-commercial game and isn't of much need, I just wanted to know if anyone...
  13. Eviticous

    Having Car Problems

    So consider the following (two images). I decided to create a blank scene. NO OTHER EVENTS. Zero. None. Notta. We have the character, two car parts and a parallel event, which you're looking at below: So what are we doing here? Pretty basic. if switch is OFF, car is invisible. If switch is...
  14. Digital Religion

    Parameters and Window Opacity

    Ok This is driving me insane. I have a parameter set like so. * @param Status Window Opacity * @desc Enter window transparancy. * @default 0 * I then have this code referencing it. this._statusWindow.opacity = parameters['Status Window Opacity']; Now when i run my project with the the...
  15. Poupouille

    How to make a character disappear who're walking?

    Hello. I have a character, he must walk, and disappear little by little (with opacity) in the same time. It's something that looks simple, yet, I can't do that. :( I tried many possibilities (for exemple, parallel event), and absolutely nothing works...
  16. Badweather4cast

    Save/Load Window Transparency

    Hey, I was wondering, is it possible to alter the opacity and/or completely transparentize the windows in the Save and Load scenes? This includes the windows for the save/load files and the message window asking you which one you would like to select. I'm assuming there is a way, as I was able...
  17. Wes Lesley

    I can't 'see through' this issue. *har har*

    sup. Yes, it's me again. I'll give you a moment to reach for the alcohol before I post my question. ... ready? okay. then we'll begin. I'm using a couple plugins (widescreen, fullscreen, quit to desktop on main menu) and it's all good. some textures need some tender love and kicking...
  18. Harken_W

    Better Bush

    I can't seem to find a plugin or a way that handles the opacity of the players lower half when they are on a bush tile. I'd like to set how transparent the players lower half is. --Optional extra-- Also an extra feature that would be nice is if an animation could play on the player/bush...
  19. Servidion

    (Yanfly Plugins) Can a state change opacity?

    Is it possible to have a state change the opacity of the one who has it, and the opacity goes back to normal when it wears off? Using a basic example of "Stealth". User casts it on himself, the state reduces his opacity to 50/255, next attack removes the Stealth state and opacity returns to...
  20. Changing screen opacity based on player movement

    Hi, I want to see opacity changing whenever i'm getting closer to one place and vice versa(based on y axis of player position). By this i mean that when i go down it gets darker and when i go up it gets brighter. I will be thankful if someone will help. :)

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