1. Digital Religion

    Parameters and Window Opacity

    Ok This is driving me insane. I have a parameter set like so. * @param Status Window Opacity * @desc Enter window transparancy. * @default 0 * I then have this code referencing it. this._statusWindow.opacity = parameters['Status Window Opacity']; Now when i run my project with the the...
  2. Poupouille

    How to make a character disappear who're walking?

    Hello. I have a character, he must walk, and disappear little by little (with opacity) in the same time. It's something that looks simple, yet, I can't do that. :( I tried many possibilities (for exemple, parallel event), and absolutely nothing works...
  3. Badweather4cast

    Save/Load Window Transparency

    Hey, I was wondering, is it possible to alter the opacity and/or completely transparentize the windows in the Save and Load scenes? This includes the windows for the save/load files and the message window asking you which one you would like to select. I'm assuming there is a way, as I was able...
  4. Wes Lesley

    I can't 'see through' this issue. *har har*

    sup. Yes, it's me again. I'll give you a moment to reach for the alcohol before I post my question. ... ready? okay. then we'll begin. I'm using a couple plugins (widescreen, fullscreen, quit to desktop on main menu) and it's all good. some textures need some tender love and kicking...
  5. Harken_W

    Better Bush

    I can't seem to find a plugin or a way that handles the opacity of the players lower half when they are on a bush tile. I'd like to set how transparent the players lower half is. --Optional extra-- Also an extra feature that would be nice is if an animation could play on the player/bush...
  6. Servidion

    (Yanfly Plugins) Can a state change opacity?

    Is it possible to have a state change the opacity of the one who has it, and the opacity goes back to normal when it wears off? Using a basic example of "Stealth". User casts it on himself, the state reduces his opacity to 50/255, next attack removes the Stealth state and opacity returns to...
  7. Changing screen opacity based on player movement

    Hi, I want to see opacity changing whenever i'm getting closer to one place and vice versa(based on y axis of player position). By this i mean that when i go down it gets darker and when i go up it gets brighter. I will be thankful if someone will help. :)
  8. rek600

    Opacity for Tile sets?

    Hello everyone out there reading this post! I'm new to to the site and somewhat new to RPG maker VX Ace working on my first game. i wanted to do some experimenting, so my question is there anyway to change the opacity on titles, or anything really like NCPs in RPG Maker VX Ace, and if so how can...
  9. Phonantiphon

    Yanfly's Message System Name Box Help

    Link to script: http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/core-scripts/ace-message-system/ Hi, I'm using the above script, and it's great BUT, I am trying to make the name box transparent, now there is this setting in the script: NAME_WINDOW_OPACITY  = 255     # Opacity of the name...
  10. Myrmidone

    Scrolling Text Box Opacity

    Hi there, I'm having a problem with Scrolling Text being difficult to read when overlaid on a map, but find that increasing the opacity of the text box makes the text look less classy as it has a border, and doesn't look as good when playing over a blank background, such as during an intro...
  11. PhoenixX92

    Help with Khas lighting

    So, I bought Khas Lighting the other day and have been messing around with it, and I've noticed a little issue with it, and I'm wondering if anyone knows what's causing it. I'm getting lines that cut off lighting in certain areas, and it's not really a set space, it's in random places around the...
  12. Rito

    Menu Background and Windows Opacity

    Menu Background and Windows Opacity By Rito In the vidéo there are Command Icons by Atreyo Ray and Animated Menu (for particules) by Soulpour77 Description Adds background for each menu and modified each opacity windows. Empty parameter in background file = transparent default. Script...
  13. BlueCorvid

    "Lower Third/Half Transparent" Opacity?

    There are two options in "Character Display" under Terrain that say "Lower Third is Transparent" and "Lower Half is Transparent" but in playtests I noticed that part of the character is only translucent/semi-transparent, not fully transparent. Is there any way to change the opacity to be fully...
  14. Rikifive

    [SOLVED] YANFLY | Learn Skill: Change opacity of windows

    Hello! I'm using Yanfly Learn Skill Engine and I really need to change opacity of windows in here. So far I managed to change opacity of commands, skill list and confirmation windows (by putting "self.opacity = 50" in some places), but I really can't find where or how to change help and actor...
  15. Haflway opacity with bush

    Hi everyone, been following threads without an account for a while, but now I'm having an issue myself. I'm trying to make the opacity of the half body completely invisible when walking in trees outside on my world map.  In the Game_CharacterBase script, theres a part that controls the height...
  16. Change Opacity on a single text box.

    Hey there. I'm trying to wrap my brain around the idea of changing the opacity on a single text box, in particular a choice box that appears when you begin a new game, after pressing start. I was wondering if I could throw in a code, when I'm edditing the event, that will affect the opacity of...
  17. Pokemon Message Script font opacity problem [VX]

    Hi everyone, To avoid confusion, I'm going to fill in a few notable details before going on to my problem. A friend of mine has started up a RPG Horror Game based off on a Pokemon scary story, but it was quickly shut down due to the loss of motivation. Recently, he let me in on completing the...
  18. Kes

    Change opacity of autoshadow?

    I have Neonblack's script which completely removes the autoshadow, but I was wondering if it would be possible to change the opacity instead.  Is there a script call or some such which could do that? thanks.
  19. Tsukihime

    Character Sprite Opacity

    This script allows you to control a character’s opacity settings on the map using a single script call. You can increase or decrease the opacity, turning the character fully opaque (value of 255), or completely transparent (value of 0). You can control how long the opacity change will take...
  20. Kes

    Need advice from an artist

    Below is a screen shot of a map I have begun.  When I was checking passability I noticed a significant problem. I used the sloping roof as a base to make autotiles for a straight roof and to make the flat roof.  I have made them so that all can be walked behind and as you can just see from...

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