1. Atlas48

    Is using the Opal transpiler actually viable?

    So, I'd like to switch over to MV at some point, but I despise the Javascript-only scripting that MV has, for a multitude of reasons that I'd rather not start a flame war over. As someone who would like to desperately cling onto ruby scripting, is the Opal transpiler actually viable for use in...
  2. Chocobo

    Proof of Concept: Ruby in RMMV - A Simple HUD Demo

    Last weekend I came to stumble across the Opal project that allows Ruby code to be run in the browser by transpiling it into JS. I was hooked to find out if it can work in RMMV -- and by that I mean more than just a hello world program. As a preamble: There already was a thread with a demo of...
  3. zero50

    Found something interesting...

    While googling around I found something interesting on what seems to be a korean blog... http://blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=biud436&logNo=220567328766 Also this: https://github.com/biud436/MV So, this seems to be a way to convert Ace scripts to MV by using OPAL. Could...
  4. Joronjo

    Opal and VX Ace scripts

    I know that MV will use Javascript instead of ruby and because of that i've been looking up on how to convert Ruby to Javascript just in case some of the plugins won't cover for some of the scripts i'm using already in Ace. I found out about Opal, a Ruby to JS converter which could be used to do...

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