1. Open World RPG - Optimal Combat Style?

    Hello makers :) I'm new posting here, so I don't know if I'm posting in this right place. However, I'm a bit stuck. I'm planning on making a fully open-world RPG in MV, where every area is accessible from the start. This is where both my difficulties and the game's difficulties both begin to...
  2. Nantas

    RMMV High Chivalry

    THUNDERHIND STUDIO - Welcome to the world of High Chivalry - High Chivalry is one of the biggest project that I ever created ! Discover a world built upon the ashes of the Middle Ages, painted like one of the greatest Fantasy World! " Even if I was given the right to rule our country, you...
  3. Veerdin

    WAYWARD | Dark-Souls inspired RPG | Seeking Everybody

    UPDATE - 07/03/2017 - PROJECT CURRENTLY IN STASIS! Due to various environmental factors with all the currently working devs, this game's development has been halted indefinitely. I would like to continue this project at some point, rest assured. But don't expect much in the way of updates for...
  4. FarPine

    FarPine FarPine is a Planet that had peace at one point until all three countries (excluding islands) couldn't trust each other and had a lot of disappearances and murders in each country. They had investigated these murders and lead to all countries civillians. You're the college...
  5. The Overworld: Does it Belong in the Past?

    WARNING: The following discussion will almost certainly contain opinions, especially ones that may differ from your own. If you encounter such an opinion, proper procedure dictates a calm response to prevent an S-Class Moronic Arrogant Dumbie (or MAD) event. I played a lot of old RPG's in my...
  6. chungsie

    Beta Tester?

    Is there anyone willing to be a Beta Tester for a game I made outside of the RPG VX ACE engine? It's written in pure Ruby. Sorry I can't offer pay, but I can help those wanting to learn Ruby understand it better for their uses in RPG Maker Engines that utilize the language.
  7. ddejan90

    RMVXA Forgotten Memories- Secrets of the past

    Hello! I'm working on a open-world, second life style game where every choice you make matters. It's set for realism, like you need to eat and drink to survive. I put over 1150+ hours and 150e in the game assets, and it has 8 hours of game play currently. I hope you enjoy it and leave some...
  8. Mog the Moogle

    50 Days (Open-World, Story-Driven)

    50 Days. 50 Days until he comes. And all is destroyed. Zabie (placeholder name) is a girl from Aridath who gets nightmares about there being 50 days until this demon comes and destroys mankind... again. One day, she is taken away by the mysterious Zyrzakni, an ancient tribe of secluded magi...
  9. Misaki

    Mount and Blade Warband

    While I was playing feudalism 2, I decided to see if there was a third version. Sure enough, there was, but it was a trailer ._. On the comments, one person said it was similar to how Mount and Blade Warband was played. So I searched it up, and I found it on Steam and Taleworlds. Description...

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