open world

  1. Gong77

    RMMZ Lagoda Odyssey [Demo Available]

    Lagoda Odyssey is a turn-based RPG inspired by the classics. A monster has appeared in Lake Lagoda. To fight it you must embark on a journey across a vibrant world, imbued with Slavic and Nordic mythology. Interact with friends and enemies, and explore cities, forests, dungeons, and oceans...
  2. BoxFox

    RMVXA Notes From Province (30+ hour RPG)

    There's a lot of good in life. You just have to look for it. Kyme's searching for a fresh start in the city of Province. Will he find it among the eccentric residents and their whimsical adventures? Or will he get lost chasing his personal villain, a grand thief capable of stealing the blue...
  3. Former_Sky

    RMVXA Goliacanth- A Fishing RPG

    Hi I'm Former_Sky, I've been making games on RPG Maker 1 for about 13 years now. Friends and other colleagues have been pushing me to put my ideas on a more visible platform for a while now, so here is my newest idea. This is my first project on a PC maker. My idea and motivation was to make a...
  4. RMXP Dystopian Chernobyl - The rpg

    Hello everyone! We are Studio_CCH booksANDgames, a group of friends who want to try their hand at creating indie rpg games and writing books and fan fictions! Each of our projects will be completely free and non-profit. We want to present one of our projects: Dystopian Chernobyl - The rpg...
  5. Shiratsuyu

    RMMV Trials of Proelium

    Hello! Glad you decided to check out my project :kaoblush: I am a college student studying game design and media technology. I am working on this project during my spare time. I have been working on it for quite some time and the plan is to release it in December...
  6. tammie

    RMMV Swords and Savagery [Open World RPG]

  7. Buckbacon

    RMMV CAPITAL - An Open-World Alpha Build

    SYNOPSIS You are John Q, a polite femboy SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR from space. Explore CAPITAL, a planet full of ageless citizens driven mad by mysterious and rapidly changing market forces. Use your special psychometric ability THE B-SIDE to explore the history of objects and piece together the...
  8. Ninjakillzu

    RMVXA [NEW DEMO v0.0.70] Collector (Open World Cyberpunk RPG)

    CONTENT WARNING: Contains violence, blood, strong language, use of drugs and alcohol, and suggestive themes. This game may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Genres: Cyberpunk, Futuristic, Western RPG, Open World The year is 2159. New Avalon is a vast city...
  9. BlacerStudio

    [Steam] Time For Quest

    Trailer Description You there, champion. Spare me some of your time. I hope you would like to join to our universe of Time For Quest where there are no restrictions and you will create your own story as a new hero! Time For Quest is a 2D open world rpg game inspired by combat, adventures...
  10. chigoo

    RMMV Dear Hearth

    Welcome To The Island Of Hearth Story It was 10 decades ago when the portal opened and from it evil so old, that only old and ancient magic forgotten to the world can defeat It. Many have fallen to this great new threat. Adventures from all over the world have come to hearth looking for...
  11. wintersrain

    TRADE Rainbow Dawn: Looking for a Playtester!

    Hello, my name is Jake, and I've been working on my game, Rainbow Dawn for a little over a year now. Engine: RPG Maker MV. Synopsis: One day, you find yourself trapped in a dream state. You can't remember anything about yourself, where you came from, and why you've been asleep for so long...
  12. Teragard - An open-world JRPG

    Hi everyone! I've been using RPG Maker in all its iterations for the past 15 years, and Teragard is my second commercially-released game. It just came out, and I hope you'll give it a try and enjoy it! Link to Steam page: Price: $7.99 Version 1.0 Made with RPG Maker MV Story and features...
  13. alan-p

    RMMV projekt-uni

  14. eluukkanen

    RMMV Final Fallacy - Open-world Rogue-like RPG [Work-In-Progress]

    GAME IS STILL WORK IN PROGRESS Your hardcore 8-bit fantasy rogue-like RPG journey awaits! Final Fallacy is an open-world rogue-like RPG video game. Set in a fantasy world with western medieval and eastern mysticism as influences, there is a crumbling kingdom in its last legs similar to...
  15. jolink

    RMMV Touhou Gensokyo World

    Attention, this project is pretty big, a lot of people could complain that it's impossible, others can be hyper, I would not take negative comments, Good reading This thread is originally written in French, there may be translation errors, I apologize. Introduction Who knows Touhou? You know...
  16. GriffoxEnt

    Life, The Universe and everything....?

    Well actually I know the answer to this question but I got one that I need to ask. First if this is in the wrong area I apologize to any admins I inconvenience. :) I have a game in the process of being developed ( another game engine but that is another story) I am in the market to make some...
  17. Open World game: story and quest help

    Hey guys, new here to the forum but I'm sure that posting here is the best chance of some advice on what I need. Basically... I'm making a game that is sort of open world... there's several maps but the player can mostly go to any part of any map whenever they want and explore freely. I'm using...
  18. Orgaya

    RMMV The Halcyon Project Development Thread

    SYNOPSIS LORE PROGRESS TRACKER Storyboarding: 50% Planning stage. This will likely take the longest. Update: Basic story structure created, with each chapter/episode given a theme and synopsis. Filling them out with details will take priority...
  19. RMMV Project Pi

    Intro: A heart-rending story of a billionaire playboy whose life goes upside down, when he wakes up in a meeting room with no memory of how he got there. The events lead to the death of those close to him. Story: You are a billionaire and owner of a software developing company. Your company's...
  20. fallenlorelei

    RMMV Chronicles of Tiadar: Create your own character, open-world fantasy RPG

    Who will you be? Chronicles of Tiadar is Recruiting! Personal Background: Story Background: General Gameplay: Customization: Classes: Screenshots: Characters: This game is quite a bit under development with a few team members helping to breathe life into it! We are still a ways...

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