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  1. jet_black

    Plugins and Features for LifeSim/OpenWorld Game

    Hello guys, for some time I was tinkering with the thought of starting to work on a project of a Life-Sim / Open-World game. Of course not something like Skyrim in Rpg Maker or stuff like that. I´d like to develop a game that takes place in a small modern village/town. There are no...
  2. Forthright

    The Ember Series: A New Fire (UPDATED SCREENSHOTS)

    Hello RPG Maker forum ladies and gents! We just wanted to update you guys and let you know the latest on where our game The Ember Series: A New Fire currently is.  We have the Early Access page up on Steam, and there is a short demo of the game available there as well. We are still actively...
  3. Capulus

    Making Rent

    Making Rent is an RPG Maker game, made in the VX-Ace engine, about three women who are trying to, as the title suggests, make rent on their shared home; To do this, they'll need to go on quests, and earn gold. The target is, at the moment, 1000 gold; this may be subject to change. To get...
  4. Tycho X

    Open World + Story

    I'm having trouble making my story/plot connect since it's an open world So. I've decided to make my first 'test' RPG an open-world type with a decent story arc. Sadly, I'm having trouble 'connecting' it all... It's not like in a book where you just write the  next chapter and the story...
  5. cradth

    RMVX Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

    AVELIONS 4 : ORACION MEMOIRS Latest version : Full ENGLISH v6.06 STORY This story centers on the journey of formerly high ranked military commander, Eiriou Finhrouced, who attempted to kill a member of the Epsylian Council, and became the nation's most wanted criminal. He believes...
  6. Open World Sandbox (Version 0.001)

    This is a game I have been working on with many ideas for the future! DOWNLOADS INFORMATION CURRENT FEATURES To-Do List SCREENSHOTS (Coming soon) COST!
  7. ash55

    Cartoon / Alien Project (Custom Art and Battle system)

    Hey guys on the RPG Maker reddit it was suggested I make a blog, so I thought I'd use a thread here for that purpose (and to explain my game in one concise place). DOWNLOAD: *Link removed for time being since I just tried downloading it and I got an error. I'll try to get something up asap...
  8. Roguedeus

    [Alpha, Demo] Prequel by RogueDeus - (Playable: v.1.01) (Dev.Halted 16_0715)

    *** IMPORTANT 16_0715 DEVELOPMENT HALTED*** I apologize for adding yet another reason for RPGMaker critics to insult the community, but Prequel has been halted indefinitely. Work towards it has been re-purposed towards a much more realistic goal. One which I hope will result in more...
  9. Blue001

    Item Families and Leveled Lists (Like in Skyrim/Fallout)

    What it would be used for. Open World Games Non-Grind Games you would rather have the story drive the player forward and not require leveling specifically to continue the narrative. Say I would like to make an open world game that has things like drops and encounters seemingly "level up" as...
  10. Kane Hart

    Elmlor - The Open World Sandbox RPG Game [In Development]

    Hello and Thank you for checking out Elmlor. Elmlor is an open world sandbox rpg with a lot of neat sandbox features. We thought of changing the way RPG Maker games were made and make something a bit more unique and slightly out of the norm.   Links: Website:
  11. RhiKami

    [Recruiting] Open World RPG - Currently Untitled

    Hey all I'm currently looking for a team of people to join me in creating an isometric RPG using RPGMaker VX Ace and the extension Layy Meta Editor (the thing that allows you to make 3D isometic games with RPGM). Plot The story focuses on two sets of people; a young boy named Shiro under the...
  12. Objectives Open world question?

    So, I have been making an Open world game for quite some time now. This is my first post to this forum and I do consider myself a "seasoned player" I know how to use many scripts very well and have many good scripts that allow an Open world game to be possible. The game has no actual "world...
  13. Blinn

    Uniques United: Search for Lost Family

    As of August 1st, 2015, this project is no longer being worked on. It was never meant to be an RPG, and development has been brought to a stalemate. There will be a Uniques United game in the future, but it'll more closely resemble a stealth game with elements of mystery, adventure, RPG, and...
  14. Kane Hart

    Elmlor - Open World Sandbox RPG.

    Welcome to Elmlor Thread. At this time there is a lot of missing information that will be added and changed overtime. The idea of Elmlor is to have a nice RPG Story with a more open world sandbox like world. We are also going as far as adding things like tradeskills, harvesting, mining, and also...
  15. Tathel

    After Ever After: An open world explorer I can't program myself

    Hi there, I'm new to the forums and also RPGVX ace. Because of this I have been having quite a lot of difficulty in creating my game, so I'm looking for someone with experience in creating the meat of the game. As of right now my game, After Ever After, is an rpg based 15 years after the fall of...
  16. jtrev23

    Spirit Realm

    Topic now closed!
  17. Advent Peril : Dawn of a New Age (Action RPG)

           Hello Community! EncryptedKnight here to welcome you to my Project Beta. It has taken me 8 long months to develop this project, and I have come to the point where I can use some user feedback in regards to resources used, game mechanics, and story line as well as overall map appearances...
  18. BlackLodgeGames

    Daath Galaxy - An Open World Action RPG   Explore the multiverse in this open ended fully voiced sci-fi epic role playing game. As a captain of a small crew, you explore the universe freely from outside and inside your ship, with in-depth starship vs starship combat mixed with fun melee...
  19. ItsBuffy

    Vampire themed game (Demo available^_^)

    GAME HAS NO TITLE YET.   - Little story & Description -   This game will be about Yuki, a young woman who has almost finished her degree in music. During the week break, she decided to go on ''the Trip of her life'' with her friends to Ste-Adele, a very big, modern city...

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