open world

  1. Tathel

    After Ever After: An open world explorer I can't program myself

    Hi there, I'm new to the forums and also RPGVX ace. Because of this I have been having quite a lot of difficulty in creating my game, so I'm looking for someone with experience in creating the meat of the game. As of right now my game, After Ever After, is an rpg based 15 years after the fall of...
  2. Earthtian


  3. jtrev23

    Spirit Realm

    Topic now closed!
  4. Advent Peril : Dawn of a New Age (Action RPG)

           Hello Community! EncryptedKnight here to welcome you to my Project Beta. It has taken me 8 long months to develop this project, and I have come to the point where I can use some user feedback in regards to resources used, game mechanics, and story line as well as overall map appearances...
  5. BlackLodgeGames

    Daath Galaxy - An Open World Action RPG   Explore the multiverse in this open ended fully voiced sci-fi epic role playing game. As a captain of a small crew, you explore the universe freely from outside and inside your ship, with in-depth starship vs starship combat mixed with fun melee...
  6. ItsBuffy

    Vampire themed game (Demo available^_^)

    GAME HAS NO TITLE YET.   - Little story & Description -   This game will be about Yuki, a young woman who has almost finished her degree in music. During the week break, she decided to go on ''the Trip of her life'' with her friends to Ste-Adele, a very big, modern city...
  7. bbaallppeenn

    Edge of Darkness v. 0.7 (Demo Available)

    Edge of Darkness is an Action-RPG that takes place in an open world environment. The plot of Edge of Darkness is told through descriptions of items and dialogues with NPCs. The game is filled with various weapons, armors, spells, and items to assist the player. Genre: Action, Mystery, Fantasy...
  8. Divinity's Edge (early demo now avaliable)

    (This game may contain coarse language and sexual references)     Demo 1.15: Requires RTP Missing Audio file:   My attempt at making an epic, open world game like the Elder Scrolls series. Currently on...
  9. Jef299

    The Land of the Fish 4/26/16 Game no longer availible.

    I would like to ask the mods to delete this thread. I no longer wan my games online for personal reasons. Thank you to all who enjoyed and God bless.
  10. B.Ultimus


    "A mystical world of might and wonder" Aesparia’s gameplay takes place on the continent of Gallavis, which is located right above the Inferno Belt of Aesparia. Three ruling kingdoms are located here. The game will be divided into episodic content that tells the story of Hilian's war against...
  11. Arlic von Vaelli

    Epoch de Valeria: Transcendent Wings! [Version 1.3i] [Soundtrack Demo Available!]

    ~Current Version: Indev 1.3.6~ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Plot About Valerion Zahe Kuroi: Gerard Dominaga: Sylphie Belmonte: Trefoille Alcinda: King Darius Kuroi II Marcus McDowell...

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