1. RMVXA Phantea (full demo)

    Disclaimer: Religious topics and some swearing This is my first game, I am doing my best to improve it and make it as fun as possible, I'll be happy to hear any feedback =) -Download link
  2. Kris_Gray

    TRADE Brave Hearts | Stardew x My Time At Portia RPG Open World

    Engine: RPGMaker MV Synopsis: You find yourself in Brave Heart Isle, remembering only your name.You are welcomed into Bravewood with open arms and love, a feeling you’ve never had before, so you stay for a little.However, the longer you stayed, the stranger things get and you fear that all of...
  3. Morpheus

    RMVXA Codename: Oblivion

    Engine: VX ACE Aptly named for how similar it currently is to TES: IV as alot of place holder text is being used. It is also named like this because I'm an unoriginal fart so the opening is very similar. Also it may be a completely open world game where everything not nailed down is lootable...
  4. Ryzler

    Name my game!!!

    NOTE: If this is not the right section to post this in, then please direct me to the correct thread and I shall post this in there instead. Thank you. So, I have been making a game for over a year now. And I lost it. Files were corrupted. My backup was very far behind. Only about two months...
  5. Robert Trent

    RMVXA Elysian Quest

    Hey, everyone ! I am pretty new here, so this is my first topic. This Project is the fruit of work of me and my team of 1 year and half about. We are an italian indie and small team named Phoenix Studio. We are working really hard to create the best product possible and...
  6. Open world Issue

    So my villagers are going about there day going to various places or whatever but when I enter a building than leave it they all reset back to their original event locations. As expected but how to I get them to stay in place essentially keep moving around so they are not in the same place when...
  7. Virgo

    Need help with large sprites in open world

    Hi all i new to the rpg maker vx ace and i need some help for my first game.I want to add large monster(chicken)sprites in the open world and everytime i want to add a sprite that is not just a little square,it starts glitching and it just shows part of the sprite. helpp2.bmp helppp.bmp
  8. Kauzz

    Bío - Lux Aeterna - OpenWorld Horror Game

              Bío -  Lux Aeterna Violence, sex, drugs.   Team Brainstorm Team components: Elisa Monteiro | Matheus Lima | Davi Felipe | Gabriel de Aguiar Gender: Terror / Survival Rating: +18 Facebook Page:   Awards: 1st place - Better/best project (May &...
  9. Help make rpg maker vx ace recognize which character id is being used

    Hey All,  I was wondering if there is a way to make it so that when i want to during text, custom character names show up.  now, hold on a sec, i know what you're thinking.  I'm making an open world RPG with a selection of different characters and classes. not a big deal. but since im using...

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