1. Spaceship operator in RGSS3

    So the other day I wondered, that is it possible to use the combined comparison operator (alias the spaceship operator <=> ) in my RGSS3 script without including the Comparable module? I ran a basic experiment and it turned out that I could indeed run my game without including it, there was...
  2. Jonforum

    loop bitwise exponential with modulus ? (solved)

    I want to give a little headache to the mathematician. I want to put a formula in a loop. My context is the following. i need use Bitwise and Moduluse. thank for sugestion for (var i=0,D=p.f46e42DX;i<6;i++){ D = (~D+1)*((i+1)%2); console.log('D ...
  3. evilsaigon

    How to add boolean "or" operator in notetag strings?

    Hi. I have complete zero knowledge in programming, and I always use events to get what I want. But now, I'm stuck at notetag strings. I'm using Yami's Skillshop plugin, link: http://yed.yami.moe/yed-skill-shop/ The plugin basically allows skills to be bought in a skill shop, and imposing...
  4. StuffedTurkey007

    => Operator?

    I searched for => on 2 different sites but cannot find what it does.   http://www.tutorialspoint.com/ruby/ruby_operators.htm http://www.rpg-maker.fr/dl/monos/aide/vx/source/rgss/syntax04.html   It looks like a symbol used to indicate output resulting from code; for example: foo = 42defined? foo...

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