1. ScorchedGround

    Should you make an automated system to adjust the strength of Bosses?

    Hello everyone, I could use some opinions on this matter. Okay, to quickly summarize what I have going on right now: (Note: I am using MV, but this is basically applicable to all Engines) Every Major Boss, Optional Boss and Miniboss has a "Recommended Level" associated with them. And when the...
  2. _Shadow_

    I need the community's opinion on something.

    I plan to make a tutorial that will distill all the knowledge gathered around our forum members, on copyright issues, intellectual property issues, what you should do, what you are allowed to do, what you should not do and stuff like that, with a lot of details, so people can be educated on that...
  3. VitaliaDi

    Making RPG Maker Games Not Look Like RPG Maker Games

    Making RPG Maker Games Not Look Like RPG Maker Games I was wondering who has experience with this or if rpg maker game devs and players have strong opinions on this. I know some of the attraction of rpg maker games is the typical charming retro look and the more simple approach to game...
  4. SailorRose

    Your opinion on differing/clashing art styles within a game?

    This started out as a quick question on a status update, but it'll be better suited for a thread. Here's the question: Does it bother you when there's multiple art styles within a single game? (RPG's, visual novels, or just games in general) For me, personally, it depends. As long as...
  5. TheMutantSpaceDancer

    Best frogs in vidya games?

    Listen, this is VERY important. There are tons of frogs in video games, a good number of them are pretty good, but which frog is the best frog in video games, in your opinion at least? Personally one of my favorites is Globox from the Rayman series, he's a big goofy frog friend, he carries...
  6. FralKritic

    Serious Vs Playful Gaming Graphics?

    Let me start by defining what I mean by Serious And Playful, I will use games to give you an idea Serious Games with a life-threatening story-rich environment. By Life-threatening I mean, your choices may make you have to start over and by Story-rich, I mean the game pretty much revolves around...
  7. Daena Grey

    Daily Events

    I was wondering, what everyone's opinion on "Daily Events" in RPG Maker Games are. Daily Events, how shall I describe them? I personally--*Coughcough* am curious about the potential these kind of "Sidequests" if we may call them so, might hold. Would you feel thrilled? Excited? Just want the...
  8. Shenic

    Guys, I want your opinion. World map or not?

    Guys, I need your opinion. Basically, I don't know if I should make my game with a world map (old Final Fantasy style) or make it more like a Zelda game, where a map leads to another and, eventually, the player will arrive in a city/town/dungeon.
  9. Magixe

    X-Ville - Game Concept

    Ꮿ-VILLE Hello! I am Magixe, and I am currently working on a game titled X-Ville. The concept is this: You have died, but Death has decided to give you a second chance at life. If you can prove that you still want your life, Death will return your memories. You memories cost 1000 LP - LP are...
  10. noctilucan

    Busts on Opposite Sides?

    Hello everyone! It's my first time posting here so let me know if I've done anything wrong (・∀・;) So, I was wondering what everyone's opinions are on the positioning of character busts. (The busts would be dynamic and not just the face would change, of course :9 I know that tends to annoy...
  11. Pine Towers

    RTP-friendly art or original style?

    Thinking of expanding my RPG Maker knowledge beyond mere mapping and general use of the software. Should I make art assets RTP-friendly to get a broad audience (or not, since I read a lot of people avoid the RTP-style) or slowly make my own art style to go with my projects?
  12. 0sleepy0

    Story based game

    I'm a bit at war with myself. I always wanted to write a novel but I'm not good at describing environment. So my main questions are: 1. would a game strongly based on story (with some riddles or something) would get any attention? :unsure: 2. do people (in general) enjoy RPG Makers combat and...
  13. ArkDG

    What do you think about storing images inside the plugin?

    As I was working with my Save Engine plugin, I learned a lot about managing files and storing images in the form of a "URI data" (or base64 encoded image, as corrected me Hudell) inside the plugins, so I can call it without the developper needing to download them in separated  zip files and...
  14. Iliketea

    I suck at making game titles, so is this any good?

    Hi everyone, I need your honest opinion. I, just like I said in the title, suck at thinking of names for my games. So I would like to know, with out knowing what the game is about, would you consider playing a game with this title and is that title ok:    Pali --Chapters of resistance --   ...
  15. Sausage_Boi

    1 Month In: What are your favorite things about RMMV?

    Well, Rpg Maker MV has been out for a month now, and while it does have it's issues, and they have been thoroughly discussed, I am not trying to sugarcoat them. But it also has a lot of minor improvements over Ace that I am hugely thankful for. I was wondering what peoples FAVORITE things about...
  16. ookami_lord

    Idea to survive a zombie game like the Walking Dead

    Hi there Community! I've recently watched someone play the walking dead game and watched like the first episode of the show('cause I'm really lazy in regard to movies and series...) But anyway...I had this idea that suddenly popped up and wanted your opinion: Why not use the dog suit thingies...
  17. cabfe

    Horror games: are you afraid of your own creation?

    (I just realized that my title can have two meanings...) I was making a nightmare scene and, even though I know all of its making and tricks, when I playtested the final result and pretended to be an average player, I felt something, shall I call it unease. I'm not used to this kind of scenes...
  18. Deathspecter

    Any Metalheads in the forum? :P

    Hello all. First of all Merry Christmas!  :) As some of you (a few) already may know, besides game making I'm also an addicted to music (metal and rock mostly but all other genres too if the music is good). I play guitar and other instruments too and I also like to compose some songs.  So...
  19. littlegreenjason

    Old School Modern Tiles w/ Game Character Hub?

    Hi all, I'm interested in purchasing the Old School Modern DLC because I really like the Earthbound visual style but I'm not 100% sure that I'm going to be completely happy with the default character designs and will probably want to create my own.  I searched for an Earthbound-like sprite...
  20. The_Exiled_One

    The Knights of Aurora

    Here's the game adaptation of my novel on Wattpad! :D And as a heads up, there are themes of sex, drugs and alcohol, violence, a lot of that one, religion, and philosophy that are to be implemented into the game, so proceed with caution when I actually do put that into the game if you're...

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