1. Tool for remove unused variables and swtiches in VX Ace

    There is a program called RMTool for RM2k and RM2k3, which scans RPG Maker games for missing files and gives instructions on how we can fix them. My project is pretty huge, and I want to be sure, that I didn't left any unused variables, switches, events in the final product. The problem is, that...

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I just want to say that I hope everyone is having a good day. If not, have a basket of kittens to make your day a little better. :LZSproud:

Made some HIME grids.

Crazy idea: lawnmower/weed whackers as a weapon type.

Specifically the ones that are spinning axes on sticks.
The only part of the advent calendar that is missing is the content for christmas. And I am clueless af xD
Based on music resources around the internet, what is the musical theme or style that's hard to find? Is it sci-fi, slice of life, urban, platformer, or anything else? :D

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