1. Game Optimization Question - Larger Tileset or more layers?

    Hi, I'm getting my feet wet with making some minigames and tilesets and mapping out part of a game. I just had a quick question before I get further along. I was modifying some forest tiles and realized that all the combinations for the forest add up to hundreds for them all to look right. So...
  2. Uknong

    Android problem

    When uploading the app, I cannot upload the app because the API level is 22. Pressing the Back button on the phone turns the game off. I want to change the Letterbox color to black. I need Android optimization.
  3. Questions before I might commit to using RPG Maker MV

    Hi. I hope you are doing fine. I hope that you are able to properly advise me. I had a plan for a game and was already busy with it. Because of circumstances I had to set it aside for a while. Now I am doing research on how to best proceed, when the time is right to actually go at it once more...
  4. hastypixels

    Improving Load Times and "Game Feel"

    RPGMaker is a wonder; accessible as HyperCard to one as code clumsy as myself, and extensible enough to actually modify the experience. As I've been developing my own RPG - I'm about 2% done on that front, just started - one of my focuses has been to address the "sluggish" feel of the resultant...
  5. tale

    Equip Optimize By Price

    Mano_EquipOptimizeByPrice - Version 1.0.0 (2018/06/22) Creator name: Sigureya Overview Optimize equipment by price with a note tag Feature Change the price of performance for optimize. Higher performance of the equipment, the better chance it'll be selected. How to use Use this tag in the...
  6. LackeDragon

    Choosing between Tileset/Parallax/Doodad

    Hello! Wanting to do some more advanced mapping I came across a little question which I will explain below. At first, I was going for a classic tileset mapping, but I quickly noticed the parallax one. Being a 2D/3D artist, it quickly resonnated with me and so I tried some. But I noticed it was...
  7. yongilcool

    Can you delete parallax cache or image cache in MV?

    i'm developing rpg mv mobile game and got some issues... like.. CRASHING!! i just want to delete parallax cache or image cache...so the game may use parallax and images as many times as I want! i'm using 'kaus overlay' plugin to use parallax in the map and use a bunch of images in the game...
  8. sephiroth976

    Android Optimization!

    Man.. i just spent 40 minutes making an epicly long thread here.. and it didnt save because as i hit submit it had logged me out and asked me to log back in.. and its 4:34am here as im starting to re-type this. Anyway i wanted to make a thread talking about optimization for android deployment...
  9. Hackerham

    Small optimization for chrome

    This thing was born in thread about pixiv3 and tilemap optimizations: http://jsperf.com/tilemap-optimization drawImage(_canvas) is 3x times slower than drawImage(_image) in chrome and opera. First line is chrome v46
  10. Ossra

    [XP/VX/VXA] Project Optimization (Revision 2.5; Upd-07/04/15)

    Update History To Do Easy Intermediate Extreme \ Data< .RVDATA Compression (VX) > I've currently completed a script to allow for compressing .RVDATA within the Data directory, as its total size can often roam higher than 4 mb in large projects. Current test runs have dropped the size...
  11. - Aërendyll -

    Converting your resources to 256 colour images (using Irfanview)

    I'm pretty sure that a lot of people who recently got RPG Maker 2003 might be wondering how to make sure that RPG Maker 2003 can import their custom resources. Especially if you make your resources yourself or use resources that aren't specifically for RPG Maker 2003, a big problem can be...
  12. Problem in line 266 of Game_Actor

    Alright, so this is interesting. My line 266 in Game_Actor looks like this. item.etype_id == equip_slots && Now, I'm not really sure if this is wrong, but every time I hit optimize in the equipment section while playtesting, the game crashes. Pretty game-breaking.   In a possibly related...

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